The Five Jars

Read by Peter Yearsley

(4.6 stars; 80 reviews)

The Five Jars is the only novel written by James, who is best known for his ghost stories. It is a peculiarly surreal fantasy apparently written for children. While he is out walking, the narrator is drawn to a remote pool, and finds a small box that has been hidden since Roman times. He gradually learns how to use its contents, fighting off a series of attempts to steal it, and becomes aware of a strange world hidden from our own. (Summary by Peter Yearsley)

(2 hr 11 min)


1 - I: The Discovery 16:42 Read by Peter Yearsley
2 - II: The First Jar 9:16 Read by Peter Yearsley
3 - III: The Second Jar 12:25 Read by Peter Yearsley
4 - IV: The Small People 18:58 Read by Peter Yearsley
5 - V: Danger to the Jars 19:17 Read by Peter Yearsley
6 - VI: The Cat, Wag, Slim and Others 21:36 Read by Peter Yearsley
7 - VII: The Bat-Ball 17:23 Read by Peter Yearsley
8 - VII: Wag At Home 15:33 Read by Peter Yearsley


What a fantastic story!

(5 stars)

This is a short fantasy - with little people and magic. I found it wonderfully entertaining and diverting and would highly recommend it for both adults and children. Peter Yearsley does an excellent job of bringing the story to life.

(4 stars)

How interesting to here Mr James' detail rich, conversational style normally applied to ghost and monster stories applied to children's fantasy. This is a delightful story very well read (as usual) by P.Y. Give it a listen.

loved it

(5 stars)

I loved the story and the reader did a great job. Thankyou.

good story & reader

(5 stars)

2 hours of fantasy delight.

Loved it!

(5 stars)

A lovely story, wonderfully read.

This (sort of) adult enjoyed the Story!

(5 stars)

What a great little story! This is the only children's story, written by M R James, better known as a horror story writer. This adult enjoyed the story, and would recommend it highly for children and parents too! Mr Yearsley does a superb job reading and it was a real treat to hear his personifications of all the characters! He has few equals!

A Fine Worrysome tale...

(4 stars)

I didnt realize it was a childrens book until about half way through. I'm still amazed and awed at Wag's "toy" or "gadget" the author describes in the final chapter. Seem familiar? For a book written almost 100 years ago, it will mess with your head.

A whimsical turn for the usual Jamesian Dread

(4 stars)

An amusing an lighthearted story from a classic writer of the horror and supernatural. If you’re looking for a tale of dread, this isn’t your mark, but otherwise it’s quite charming. Many a fae folk and talking animal abide within.