Bible (DRV) Apocrypha/Deuterocanon: Judith

Read by Sean McKinley

(4.7 stars; 31 reviews)

Judith is the 18th book of the Bible and one of the historical books in the Old Testament. The overall theme is the power of prayer. The Israelites are besieged by the forces of Holofernes and pray to God to overcome the forces. Judith seduces Holofernes and beheads him in his sleep, when the forces find their leader dead, they flee in battle. The Israelites benefit from their spoils and Judith sings praises to God. (Summary by Sean McKinley) (1 hr 8 min)


Part 1 (Chapters 1-8) 34:39 Read by Sean McKinley
Part 1 (Chapters 9-16) 33:32 Read by Sean McKinley


Praise Jehovah!

(5 stars)

a remarkable record of how God used a virtuous widow to deliver His people, the Children of Israel! not so well known because it is not normally included in the Biblical Cannon. an excellent reading.

Sister story To the book of Esther

(3 stars)

As with any of the apocraphal books this one too seems to shed some light on missing details not covered in the protestant canon. This one has more of an authentic feel to it as far as plausibility. it reminds me of a very close parallel account to that of the hebrew book of esther. I dont know how much confidence to place into it, but it has a good story to it. I'd still stick to the canonical renditions such as esther on this one although its put together pretty well. Nick Moore

Faith, virtue and chastity of a woman.

(5 stars)

Judith, chast and faithful to Yahew, uses her abundant faith and intelligence to conquer a powerful and vane general. A capable and reader brings this Book from the Old Testament to life.

Don't miss this one!

(5 stars)

Gentle reminder, this is Judith who who cut off the general's head this is so widely depicted in paintings. Very well read too!

Brilliantly read

(5 stars)

Beautiful story, brilliantly read.


(5 stars)

The story would have us believe that the Assyrians were evil. In actuality the only real evil is white male privilege. Why should we care about these people when we have LatinX being denied entry into the USA.