The Diary of a Superfluous Man

Read by Martin Geeson

(4.7 stars; 53 reviews)

Turgenev's shy hero, Tchulkaturin, is a representative example of a Russian archetype - the "superfluous man", a sort of Hamlet not necessarily dignified with the title Prince: an individual of comfortable means leading a dreary existence, without purpose and led on by events which may, as in this story, engulf him. The novella takes the form of a diary started by Tchulkaturin in the shock of being diagnosed as having a terminal illness. The journal entries cover a period of two weeks, leading to his death. Tchulkaturin quickly homes in on the only significant event in his life - an unreciprocated falling-in-love leading haphazardly to a non-fatal duel that leaves him desolated and fully conscious of the futility of his inactive existence.(Summary by Martin Geeson)

(2 hr 37 min)


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An excellent reading and an excellent short piece of fiction

(5 stars)

Tchulkaturin, the hero of Ivan Turgenev’s 1850 work, The Diary of a Superfluous Man, has just two weeks to live. Facing the prospect of his own mortality, Tchulkaturin decides to take stock of his feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about life and the world around him. He realizes that his contributions to society are few—he has led an indolent life without much purpose, a man “superfluous” to the world. Yet, the realizations the young man comes to over the course of his writings prove both revelatory and moving. Here is an emotional tour-de-force about the universal truths that define all lives, however grand or humble; a more honest testament to the human condition you are unlikely to find. Many thanks to Martin Geeson. His reading of Turgenev's novella is excellent and I enjoyed it throughly. Highly recommended!

The Diary of a Superfluous Man

(5 stars)

deserves special attention. It's as good or better than professional and obviously a labor of love. The sort of antique sound quality I believe was done on purpose in-line with the novella's first person diary voice, and the occasional sound of an old typewriter adds to the atmosphere. I'm now a fan of Geeson and would listen to anything he narrated in the future. [STB, 07-2009, 574]


(5 stars)

This short novel plumbs to the core the human experience. We watch the protagonist delude himself, defeat himself and isolate himself, and can recognize those tendencies within ourselves. Yet there is a redemptive quality to the narrator's unflinchingly honest appraisal of his own life. I wept at the end of the reading, something I rarely do. Beautifully and movingly read. Thank you so much.

another must listen book!

(5 stars)

No one can argue the effort in construction put into the main character plight but the reader helps us envision it with the way he molds his reading to give it a live voice. It is so much the easier to absorb the material when it is as if you are talking to the characters directly. great listen! ! *;)

Rambles a bit but good.

(5 stars)

Several times throughout the story I wondered where it was going but stuck with it and was glad. I found it humorous, self indulgent, and long winded at times. The writing style absolutely fit the character and it was delightful! The reader did a great job bringing the story to life.

great book

(5 stars)

my favorite work by turgenev and read by one of my favorite readers. however, the new formatting for playing, perusing chapters, finding similar titles, other books read by the reader etc are all EXTREMELY DIFFICULT AND NOT USER FRIENDLY! I can't find books I saved or stared. It's ridiculously complicated!!!

Very Russian!

(5 stars)

An enjoyable story, well read. I love the sadness and gloomy outlook, which is contrasted with descriptions of beauty, spring and youthful love.

the diary of a superfluous man

(4.5 stars)

A great little book ~ most enjoyable!