Complete Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mind-Reading and Spiritualism

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Written in 1903, just sixty years after the word 'hypnotism' was coined, this book explores the contemporary understanding of the nature, uses and dangers of the technique. Hypnotism has been practiced for many centuries, but it was in the mid-to-late nineteenth century that it became a particularly fashionable way to explore the human mind. Although understanding of the subject has evolved considerably over subsequent years, this book remains a fascinating insight into a technique once thought to be at the forefront of medical science.
(summary by Stuart Bell)

(3 hr 48 min)


01 - Introduction 20:52 Read by Stuart Bell
02 - What is hypnotism? 11:54 Read by Maya
03 - Theories of hypnotism 7:45 Read by Stuart Bell
04 - How to hypnotize 18:40 Read by Matthew Westra
05 - Amusing experiments 13:22 Read by Matthew Westra
06 - The stages of hypnotism 25:00 Read by Matthew Westra
07 - How the subject feels under hypnotization 10:48 Read by Matthew Westra
08 - Self-hypnotization 11:05 Read by Matthew Westra
09 - Simulation 18:19 Read by Viglione
10 - Criminal suggestion 11:00 Read by Viglione
11 - Dangers in being hypnotized 13:56 Read by Stuart Bell
12 - Hypnotism in medicine 15:47 Read by Matthew Westra
13 - Hypnotism of animals 6:30 Read by Bellona Times
14 - A scientific explanation 15:00 Read by Marian Martin
15 - Telepathy and clairvoyance 13:18 Read by Elliott Miller
16 - The confessions of medium 15:25 Read by Elliott Miller


Very well read book and an equally interesting topic.

(4 stars)

very nice book, found it very interesting

(4 stars)