The Faerie Queene Book 1

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"The First Book of the Faerie Queene Contayning The Legende of the Knight of the Red Crosse or Holinesse". The Faerie Queene was never completed, but it continues to be one of the most beautiful and important works of literature ever written. Spenser wrote it as a paean to the Virgin Queen Elizabeth, and to the golden age which she had brought to England. Sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh and commended by the foremost literary minds of his day, Spenser's book remains one of the crowning poetic achievements of the Elizabethan period.(Summary by Annise)

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Graham Williams rocks

(3 stars)

Graham Williams gives a four-star performance of three cantos (and the proem) of "The Faerie Queene" Book I, carefully bringing out the nuances of Spenser's archaizing English in a deliberately paced, well-modulated reading. (It would be five stars had he not been so late in coming to the realization that he had been reading "Jove"--spelled by Spenser with a capital I--as "love"!). The other readers did commendable work in filling out the rest of the book, but in my opinion Williams is the only one whose performance is not decisively eclipsed by Thomas A. Copeland's reading of the entire 33-hour "Faerie Queene." If Williams, like Copeland, had managed to do the entire poem, lovers of poetry, epic, and romance would have a second name to conjure with!

Thank You!

(5 stars)

I have not been this greatful in a long time. This resource has practically saved my life in English Lit. Thank you so much for what you do!