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Ramona, a novel written by Helen Hunt Jackson (1884), is the story of a part-Scottish and part-Native American orphan girl growing up and getting married in Southern California, suffering racial discrimination and hardship. Originally serialized in the Christian Union on a weekly basis, the novel became immensely popular. Overall, it has had more than 300 printings, been made into four film versions, and has been performed as an outdoor play annually since 1923. The impact the novel had on the culture and image of Southern California was enormous. Its romanticization of Mexican colonial life gave the region a unique cultural identity and its publication coincided with the arrival of railroad lines to the region, bringing in countless tourists who wanted to see the locations in the novel. (Summary from Wikipedia) (15 hr 48 min)


Chapter I 26:14 Read by Elli
Chapter II 28:22 Read by Elli
Chapter III 26:03 Read by Elli
Chapter IV 32:19 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter V 29:46 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter VI 32:53 Read by Margaret Espaillat
Chapter VII 32:43 Read by Margaret Espaillat
Chapter VIII 36:56 Read by Margaret Espaillat
Chapter IX 27:57 Read by Katie Gibboney
Chapter X 34:08 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XI 30:03 Read by johnell
Chapter XII - Part 1 20:36 Read by Katie Gibboney
Chapter XII - Part 2 21:18 Read by Katie Gibboney
Chapter XIII 27:14 Read by johnell
Chaper XIV - Part 1 25:26 Read by johnell
Chapter XIV - Part 2 29:39 Read by skoval
Chapter XV 43:06 Read by skoval
Chapter XVI 28:30 Read by Katie Gibboney
Chapter XVII 43:44 Read by skoval
Chapter XVIII 42:20 Read by skoval
Chapter XIX 35:19 Read by skoval
Chapter XX - Part 1 18:09 Read by Elli
Chapter XX - Part 2 18:10 Read by Elli
Chapter XXI 35:52 Read by skoval
Chapter XXII - Part 1 24:53 Read by johnell
Chapter XXII - Part 2 25:39 Read by johnell
Chapter XXIII - Part 1 21:28 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter XXIII - Part 2 20:51 Read by David Lawrence
Chapter XXIV 29:04 Read by Jacquerie
Chapter XXV - Part 1 21:11 Read by Elli
Chapter XXV - Part 2 21:26 Read by Elli
Chapter XXVI - Part 1 31:44 Read by johnell
Chapter XXVI - Part 2 25:41 Read by johnell


Too Difficult to Understand

(2 stars)

I didn't get past the first chapter because the reader doesn't seem able to pronounce many English sounds. With intense concentration, I could make out what she was saying, but then I saw she has read several more chapters in the book, and deciphering what she's saying will be too much work.

(5 stars)

Awesome book. I stayed up late at night listening to it not wanting to stop. A remarkable job of writing. Thank you for writing this wonderful book.


(4 stars)

The book is quite interesting, but it tends to drag on a little inbetween. The quality of the recording is good and so are the readers!

Sometimes boring story

(5 stars)

Good readers, good quality but at times boring story. Still I really enjoyed the recording. Thanks for making it available!

Ok I guess

(5 stars)

The story is pretty boring. I wouldn't recommend the book. The readers were ok though.