Short Mystery Story Collection 005

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4 stars; 20 reviews)

LibriVox’s Short Mystery Story Collection 005: a collection of 10 short works of mysterious fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members.

(7 hr 46 min)


A Scandal in Bohemia 1:06:07 Read by SaPaSing
The Red-Headed League 1:08:46 Read by SaPaSing
The Purloined Letter 40:47 Read by Tom Hackett
The Man with the Twisted Lip 1:05:00 Read by Bellona Times
A Desperate Adventure 16:43 Read by VocalBillity
The Black Hand 41:38 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The Assassins' Club 43:34 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Second Customer and the Amber Beads 44:35 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Mystery of the Solitary Cyclist 44:30 Read by Simon Evers
The Adventure of the Crooked Man 39:00 Read by Simon Evers