What Katy Did Next

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(4 stars; 103 reviews)

This is the third book of the famous "What Katy did" series. (Summary by Elli) (5 hr 17 min)


Chapter 1: An unexpected guest 19:59 Read by Neeru Iyer
Chapter 2: An invitation 21:32 Read by Ryan Gubele
Chapter 3: Rose and Rosebud 28:55 Read by Linda Ferguson
Chapter 4: On the "Spartacus" 26:19 Read by daltongirl
Chapter 5: Story- book England 24:26 Read by Cori Samuel
Chapter 6: Across the Channel 28:59 Read by Padraig O'hIceadha
Chapter 7 part 1: The pension Suisse 18:52 Read by rachelellen
Chapter 7 part 2: The pension Suisse 25:54 Read by Leni
Chapter 8: On the track of Ulysses 26:32 Read by MaryAnn
Chapter 9: A Roman holiday 27:38 Read by bj
Chapter 10: Clear shining after rain 27:11 Read by LoraBeth Davis
Chapter 11 part 1: Next 22:06 Read by Mario Pineda
Chapter 11 part 2: Next 18:38 Read by Mario Pineda


(4 stars)

Karen Savage please read this book

the sweetest!

(4 stars)

The story was awesome, but some readers were unintelligible. This would have been a great book for Karen Savage or Sibella Denton to read. I love this series! (Probably good to read the other books first!) happy reading!

(3 stars)

This story was quite good. I do prefer books with one reader throughout as each reader expresses each character differently. As soon as I would acclimate myself to a reader, a different one would take up the story. This caused some chapters to be hard to follow because of a lack of expression or a thick accent which kept certain words to mispronounced. This keeps me from awarding this story the full 5 stars.

needs better readers

(3 stars)

My stars reflect the reading, not the story itself, which is very charming. Some of the readers are fine, others very tedious to listen to. The last two chapters are especially hard to understand, which is unfortunate as it is the romantic climax of the story. I wish Karen Savage had read all three of the Katy Did books.

Bring back Karen Savage

(1 stars)

This was terrible. Couldn't even make through Chapter 1 due to the choice of reader who mispronounced words. Shame because I enjoyed the first two books with Karen Savage so much.

(3 stars)

This is a really good book, but I prefer to have just one reader for a book. Karen Savage please read this! You are the best.

yes Karen Savage please read this book!

(4 stars)

Karen Savage needed

(3 stars)

Karen Savage needs to read this book. She did such a good job of the other books in the Katy Did series! I appreciate the work people have put into this but some are really hard to listen to. There are a few good readers who did really well☺️