The Sincere Huron (L'Ingénu)

Read by Roy Schreiber

(4.2 stars; 18 reviews)

L'Ingénu is a satirical novella by the French writer Voltaire, published in 1767. It tells the story of a Huron Indian transported to the sophistication of eighteenth century Paris, and satirizes religious doctrine, as well as the folly and injustices of French society. (Summary from Wikipedia).
(2 hr 39 min)


1 - Chapters 1 and 2 22:39 Read by Roy Schreiber
2 - Chapters 3-7 31:00 Read by Roy Schreiber
3 - Chapters 8-12 33:43 Read by Roy Schreiber
4 - Chapters 13-17 33:30 Read by Roy Schreiber
5 - Chapters 18-20 38:56 Read by Roy Schreiber


short, sweet, and scandalous

(5 stars)

What I enjoy most about Voltaire is how he combines philosophy with satire. The Huron gives an excellent outsider perspective of the events happening in France in the 17th century.

Very Voltaire

(3 stars)

The story is very good and the recording is pretty clear. However, the last book would not load for me and the reading is sometimes very slow in pace.