The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People

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(4 stars; 19 reviews)

The Magical Monarch of Mo is a set of stories about the titular king, his queen, and his royal children. The stories are uproariously funny, dealing with topics as absurd as a man losing his temper who then tries to find it, an evil midget who steals a princess's big toe, and an entire city filled with highly civilized monkeys! Join the Monarch and all his friends for a rollicking adventure, filled with fun for the whole family!(Summary by Miriam Esther Goldman)

(3 hr 0 min)


Cute stories!

(5 stars)

This book is a treasure!!! Good readers, cute stories - Enjoyed it very much! Thanks!

Wonderful little book!

(5 stars)

Both the stories and the readers are great! Thanks Libravox!

I think that it can do you do. I will try. you know you said.

(2.5 stars)

I love this story💕. the only one I can be there and they have a lot to say hi for all types. I will try it now I can't believe I can tell that we should take me out of my friends

Great stories

(4 stars)

I could not understand the first few stories as the reader had a thick accent, which would have been ok except that she read very fast. Otherwise it was great.


(3 stars)

The first four chapters are read at high speed in a monotonous monotone. Reader's heavy German accent is often difficult to understand. The succeeding readers are fine.

(1 stars)

the story is good. but I can't understand the person that is reading ..the woman has such a slurry accent I can only catch a few words at a time..

(3 stars)

some of the readers had accents that were difficult to understand