The Red Planet

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(4.6 stars; 22 reviews)

Set during WWI in England, The Red Planet is a rich tale about the life in a little English town from the point of view of Major Duncan Meredyth, a disabled veteran of the Boer Wars. As he struggles to keep his life and the lives of those he cares for in harmony, he must also shelter a dark secret regarding one of the village's favorite sons.

The Red Planet was the third bestselling novel in the United States for 1917.
(Summary by Miss Stav) (10 hr 12 min)


01 - Chapter I 19:42 Read by Ruth Golding
02 - Chapter II 35:29 Read by Ruth Golding
03 - Chapter III 25:42 Read by James Christopher
04 - Chapter IV 29:01 Read by James Christopher
05 - Chapter V 32:02 Read by Annise
06 - Chapter VI 18:59 Read by Christine Blachford
07 - Chapter VII 29:32 Read by Ernst Pattynama
08 - Chapter VIII 17:45 Read by Diana Majlinger
09 - Chapter IX 17:47 Read by Christine Blachford
10 - Chapter X 24:05 Read by Sean Michael Hogan
11 - Chapter XI 25:51 Read by MaryAnn
12 - Chapter XII 21:00 Read by MaryAnn
13 - Chapter XIII 18:25 Read by Sean Michael Hogan
14 - Chapter XIV 27:24 Read by Sean Michael Hogan
15 - Chapter XV 22:42 Read by Sean Michael Hogan
16 - Chapter XVI 16:19 Read by Sean Michael Hogan
17 - Chapter XVII 26:14 Read by Sean Michael Hogan
18 - Chapter XVIII 27:24 Read by Sean Michael Hogan
19 - Chapter XIX Part 1 18:57 Read by Jacquerie
20 - Chapter XIX Part 2 26:50 Read by Jacquerie
21 - Chapter XX 28:20 Read by Jacquerie
22 - Chapter XXI 32:45 Read by Jacquerie
23 - Chapter XXII 23:48 Read by Jacquerie
24 - Chapter XXIII 26:19 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
25 - Chapter XXIV 20:27 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)


Nice recording and an original story

(5 stars)

Major Duncan Meredyth, late R.F.A., Boer War hero and wheelchair-bound dynamo, finds himself forced to sit on the sidelines of the Great War, doing whatever little trifles his disability allows him to do. As he does his duty by the Empire, and urges those around him to do the same, mysteries seems to bubble around him, in the quiet little town of Wellingsford; deep, disturbing mysteries. Many thanks to the readers of Locke’s novel.

(4 stars)

Like the other W J Locke books I've heard, an excellent story with satisfying character development. One reader read like an Olympic racer, but the rest did a great job, especially my fellow-Canadian (I don't remember his name now, but he's from Newfoundland).

An enjoyable, easy read despite its main character 's very conse

(4 stars)

Odd name for a nice story.

(5 stars)

great book

(5 stars)

I loved this story and I loved the narration. The impact of the war on a small town and the nature of heroism in and out of the trenches.