The Life of Kit Carson

Read by Laura Victoria

(4.6 stars; 123 reviews)

Christopher Carson, or as he was familiarly called, Kit Carson, was a man whose real worth was understood only by those with whom he was associated or who closely studied his character. He was more than hunter, trapper, guide, Indian agent and Colonel in the United States Army....His lot was cast on the extreme western frontier, where, when but a youth, he earned the respect of the tough and frequently lawless men with whom he came in contact. Integrity, bravery, loyalty to friends, marvelous quickness in making right decisions, in crisis of danger, consummate knowledge of woodcraft, a leadership as skillful as it was daring; all these were distinguishing traits in the composition of Carson and were the foundations of the broader fame which he acquired as the friend and invaluable counselor of Fremont, the Pathfinder, in his expeditions across the Rocky Mountains. (Summary from the Introduction) (6 hr 19 min)


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Kit Carson - don't let his memory die

(5 stars)

Johnny Horton was a top-of-the charts pop singer in the ‘50s who’s songs were about American History. One of his songs I really like is “Jim Bridger”. A stanza goes like this: There's poems and there's legends that tell of Carson's fame Yet compared to Jim Bridger Kit was civilized and tame These words are straight from Carson's lips if you place such store by him If there's a man who knows this God forsaken land it's Jim Well no. Without taking anything away from the great Jim Bridger, after you listen to Kit Carson’s story, you will see that nobody tops Carson – nobody. His life was so stunning that if a fiction writer made up and wrote about such a character, I wouldn’t read it, thinking the fictional character was a ridiculously preposterous creation. I was appalled, not by Carson, but by standard American mores of the time that condoned the wanton destruction of wildlife; especially of the beautiful and environmentally beneficial beaver for the sake of making people’s stupid hats. I was raised in a time where we were educated by Steve Erwin, the Crocodile Hunter, who would catch some vile sake with his bare hands and say, “Isn’t she a beauty!” But the 1840’s were a long time ago and things have improved. However, I must take exception with part of the story. At the end, the narrative would have us believe that the American Indians were beautiful, peaceful, and tragic victims who engaged in savage acts only because they were emulating the Europeans. There is, no doubt, truth in this, but human nature dictates that all of us are subject to a constant barrage of propaganda about everything. The current narrative de jour is, “Indians good, white people bad!” Revisionist history is common. For example, many amateur students of history, like me, know that Manhattan island was named after the Indian phrase, “The place where everybody got drunk”, as the Dutch provided fire water as part of the bargain. But then, a contemporary historian says, “You know, that phrase could also mean, “Land of peaceful beautiful flowers!” So you get the picture. I live in Florida and have been to the Florida Keys several times. I know that the word “keys” derives from Spanish meaning “bones”. When the first Europeans arrived there, they were appalled that the land was littered with human bones, indicating unspeakable Indian-on-Indian savagery. So, that meaning, being not politically correct, is today subject to revision as well. I believe I do not need to elaborate further, but I could make your hair stand on end by relating pre Colombian native history. Narrator, Laura Victoria, is truly 1st class.

(5 stars)

very good history lesson on a truly great man. reader did a swell job. thnx

Very Enjoyable!

(5 stars)

This is an exciting book about an amazing man and the life he led. Kit Carson contributed much to the early history of the American West and is deservedly lauded here. I learned so much about American Indian tribes some of whom I wasn’t familiar with. With flawless and relaxing narration it was a joy to listen and learn.


(3.5 stars)

I was expecting a more scholarly biography. This one was OK and it did furnish insight into affairs of the mountain men, of whom Kit Carson was one of the best (in the company of Bridger, Johnson, and Jedidiah Smith). The reader was very understandable, and her pace was good. Thanks.

(5 stars)

This man was so much more than incredible and remarkable. I hope his story is told by motion picture. Kit is truly the hero that so many young people need in this day and age.

One word: Adventure!

(5 stars)

Simply a riveting story of not only Kit Carson but of America itself and the idea of manifest destiny. A truly amazing life and very well narrated.

(5 stars)

Obvious exaggerations and probable fabrications. I sinced more fiction than history, but the reader is superb. Overall it's a good book. 5 stars for the reader


(5 stars)

Very well done; entertaining and informative. Love this narrator, Laura Victoria.