The Confession

Read by Wina Hathaway

(4.2 stars; 137 reviews)

Mary Roberts Rinehart is claimed to have invented the "Had I but known" mystery genre. When Agnes Blakiston rented the old parsonage at Miss Emily's request she soon came to regret it. Was the house haunted? Did Miss Emily have a secret so terrible she would rather die than reveal it? To find the answers you will need to listen. (Summary by Annise) (3 hr 16 min)


Different in a Good Way

(4 stars)

Sometimes I don't want to hear a long, involved, & detailed story. This fit the bill. The other reviews are right. It's not your typical mystery but it's also not strange nor ridiculous. It kept me interested & wondering the entire time. I was happy with the story & ending.

a bit of a mystery, an odd mystery

(4 stars)

the reading is ok, the accent of the reader is odd and cute. she states she is from the Carolina's, but i just can not place her odd accent. this short book is worth a read when you want a light mystery without much story. the formation of the story is a little odd and the plot even is... different. it is not a seriously deep mystery but enough to work your brain a little without deep thought. the book is an example that we make our own monsters, wether they are noises in the night or punishments for our past doings.

A well told story

(4.5 stars)

An interesting tale of a low-key mystery. I very much liked the main character's intelligence and inquisitiveness, and her long-time maid was amusing. The "mystery" part of the story took a rather long time to "solve," but seemed in keeping for the period in which it was set.


(4 stars)

I agree with the previous reviewer's description as "an odd little book." Much slower and less complex than her other mysteries, but not in a bad way. As the author states, "This is a study of fear." Narration was fine.

An odd little book

(3 stars)

Atmospheric, but not a puzzle in the sense of a modern mystery novel, or horrific, in the modern sense. Enjoyable on its own terms, though.

Unique and Charming

(5 stars)

As someone from the Deep South I can attest to the narrator’s southern accent. North Carolinians have a more clipped drawl than those of us from Georgia. The story was different as other reviewers have said and the narration is superb. Very enjoyable.

(4 stars)

things done in hiding are always brought to light. poor thing could not accept her humanity, God's forgiveness and forgiveness from others. ending was a bit of a let down. up until then, it was quite gripping. I like this reader and her accent. Thank you.

Great story!

(5 stars)

M.R.R. writes so well, and this simple story has no dull moments. Her humor really comes through here. I am very tempted to find it and actually read it so I can more savor the excellent writing.