Simple Sabotage Field Manual

Read by James Christopher

(4.5 stars; 72 reviews)

Formed during World War II, the United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS), was organized for special operations and intelligence gathering
and analysis. Included in its mission was the implementation of, and training of foreign forces in, propaganda, espionage, subversion, and sabotage. After the war, OSS functions were transferred to the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

This "Simple Sabotage Field Manual" was used by OSS agents in training "citizen-saboteurs" in methods for inciting and executing simple sabotage to thwart industry and other vital functions in Axis-occupied areas.

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simple sabotage field manual

(5 stars)

The book is interesting from a historical point of view and the reader matched the book and the tone of the text. The reader almost reminded me of a World War Two speaker doing propaganda

Fantastic reader! Easy to listen to, easy to understand.

(5 stars)

Verrry Interesting!

(5 stars)

Do NOT give this to a grumpy teenager! Some of the information is outdated--fuse boxes and carburetors are not available for sabotage anymore--but it seems like much sabotage is a matter of attitude and awareness. I was impressed with the information in Section 2 for supervisors and office workers on how to slow down work flow. I swear all those strategies are SOP in corporate America... (Title phrase refers to a character from "Laugh In")

Simple Sabotage Field Manual

(5 stars)

Great reader and an interesting history lesson! Great book, Would recommend! I'd imagine many of these tips would work if there was a war in modern times too.

Fun read!

(5 stars)

This had some interesting sabotage ideas. I'd avoid giving this information to anyone irresponsible. The reader was perfect as well.

You will swear that your co-workers are following this manual!

(4.5 stars)

awesome book

(5 stars)

This details some of the tactics that the courageous anti-fascists use to undermine the capitalist imperialist pigs in the United States. You thought your sniveling boss holding meetings to discuss the minutes of the previous meeting was just incompetent. In reality he is a highly trained anti-fascists working under the aegis of the CCP to undermine the fabric of the American culture. You thought you coworker was a lazy buffoon who created unnecessary drama at work? No he is a highly trained agent of La Raza ensuring the plant gets moved to Mexico, so that underprivileged oppressed LatinXs can get a job. It is all laid out in this book. Our American businessmen and congress critters are following its plan of, intentional incompetence, to a T. Read this book and follow it's teachings. You too can be a secret agent fighting the oppressive forces of freedom. The ideology of love and tolerance must be spread with the sword and intentional societal disharmony.