My Father's Dragon

Read by as101

(4.7 stars; 786 reviews)

A short story about a boy who befriends a cat and then sets off on an adventure to rescue a dragon. (0 hr 51 min)


01 - My Father Meets the Cat 3:49 Read by as101
02 - My Father Runs Away 5:48 Read by as101
03 - My Father Finds the Island 6:02 Read by as101
04 - My Father Finds the River 4:53 Read by as101
05 - My Father Meets some Tigers 5:37 Read by as101
06 - My Father Meets A Rhinoceros 6:17 Read by as101
07 - My Father Meets A Lion 4:08 Read by as101
08 - My Father Meets A Gorilla 5:13 Read by as101
09 - My Father Makes A Bridge 4:38 Read by as101
10 - My Father Finds the Dragon 4:55 Read by as101



(4.5 stars)

It was awesome! He did really well! I cannot do that i hesitate to much! Bye! Who tells thi story? I skipped that part... Cuz i don't like listening to introductions.


(5 stars)

I am blown away by the skill of this young reader. He has excellent cadence, he gives different voices to the different characters, and has great expression in his voice. Simply amazing. The short length of each chapter makes it a great selection for listening in the car, and it is perfect for all ages. I look forward to hearing more from this great reader.

my fathers dragon

(5 stars)

yong man did an amazeing job I wish I cod read like that and this softwere is great for people who cant read to have the experance of this book I have spell checked hopefully correctly

Great book for children

(5 stars)

This is an excellent book for children. It is short, easy to understand, and great fun for children to listen to as Elmer Elevator outwits the animals of Wild Island.


(5 stars)

it is a very exciting adventure were a boy's dad finds a cat who tells him to go to wild island to bring back a dragon.i loved was the best for my age and boys. name...alex balsillie

A sweet little book, and excellently read.

(5 stars)

The book seems to finish with a jolt, but other than this it's a pleasant little story. The reader is exceptional.

My Father"s Dragon

(5 stars)

Well read by a young reader - Bravo! Fun series of mini stories within the context of a larger fantasy story plot very Rudyesque... Enjoyable. Great for young children. Thanks!

We LOVE My Fathers Dragon!

(5 stars)

Very well read and wonderfully entertaining!! This is our favorite family bedtime book!! Thanks so much for sharing this great book! :-)