Cloudy Jewel

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(4.5 stars; 231 reviews)

Julia Cloud, the oldest--and most responsible--child of her family, helped raise her four siblings due to their mother's long-time illness and father's death. After faithfully nursing two ill brothers (who died), she then cared for her invalid mother for many years. When Julia's mother passes on, her only surviving sibling Ellen fully expects--and nearly demands--that her spinster sister come live with her family. But to earn her keep, Julia must be their live-in housekeeper and babysitter for Ellen's four children. But Julia's college-age niece and nephew arrive unexpectedly from California and offer Aunt Cloudy Jewel a surprise opportunity she never expected in her wildest dreams. (Summary by Joy Easton)

(9 hr 34 min)


01 - Chapter 1 20:11 Read by Joy Easton
02 - Chapter 2 18:33 Read by JimOCR
03 - Chapter 3 20:52 Read by JimOCR
04 - Chapter 4 21:07 Read by JimOCR
05 - Chapter 5 17:08 Read by Elizabeth Wilcox
06 - Chapter 6 16:35 Read by Yvonne Smith
07 - Chapter 7 14:48 Read by Ana Simão
08 - Chapter 8 18:04 Read by Yvonne Smith
09 - Chapter 9 18:30 Read by Yvonne Smith
10 - Chapter 10 17:24 Read by Terra Mendoza
11 - Chapter 11 22:20 Read by JimOCR
12 - Chapter 12 26:49 Read by JimOCR
13 - Chapter 13 28:11 Read by JimOCR
14 - Chapter 14 22:04 Read by JimOCR
15 - Chapter 15 18:41 Read by Andee
16 - Chapter 16 20:57 Read by Ric Cornwall
17 - Chapter 17 15:55 Read by Ric Cornwall
18 - Chapter 18 12:28 Read by Ana Simão
19 - Chapter 19 15:45 Read by Ana Simão
20 - Chapter 20 22:06 Read by Ana Simão
21 - Chapter 21 14:30 Read by Ana Simão
22 - Chapter 22 17:47 Read by Ana Simão
23 - Chapter 23 21:32 Read by Terra Mendoza
24 - Chapter 24 13:32 Read by Terra Mendoza
25 - Chapter 25 18:29 Read by Terra Mendoza
26 - Chapter 26 18:42 Read by Terra Mendoza
27 - Chapter 27 18:24 Read by Terra Mendoza
28 - Chapter 28 15:22 Read by Terra Mendoza
29 - Chapter 29 29:55 Read by Terra Mendoza
30 - Chapter 30 18:06 Read by Jenny Lundak


once again, loved the book,

(5 stars)

I'm a Huge Grace L Hill fan. I love watching TCM (old movie fan) and surprised that these stories were never made into a movie!

great story - got preachy

(3 stars)

i was really caught up in this story. loving it. and it didnt even bother me that it had a different reader for every chapter. but about halfway through it starts getting religious. i am a very religious person and go to worship twice a week and read the bible or bible based literature daily. but i just wasnt expecting that in this story and it didnt feel like it fit. its like the writer "got religion" in the middle of writing this book and changed her plans for the books plot. i listened for a few chapters more, but i just lost all interest in the story because it just didnt seem to be the same story or characters.

(4.5 stars)

This is a really beautiful book. The story is sweet and quite fun in the beginning, and there is a bit more intrigue as the book goes on. I especially enjoyed how the author developed her characters' Christian faith. I thought this was well done and made sense in the context of the story and the moral choices each character makes. Certainly not a book that would be written today! If you can get through the middle of the book with heavily accented narrator, you are good to go. (I actually downloaded text version of the book, and just read through those chapters).

Narration 5 - story 3

(3 stars)

First of all I would like to thank all of those who narrated this story. James O in particular was really wonderful to listen to. The story; however, was just way too preachy for me. I have enjoyed a few other of GLH's stories but this one was not my favorite. I forgot to download the last six chapters and was so bored with the story by then I did not really even bother to download them and finish the story. Unless you just really love GLH I would give this one a pass.

so awesome! amazing!

(5 stars)

a beautiful portrayal of a Christian home full of love for those not really deserving but also for the deserving. it was nice to see how right can rule so well and selfish characters took a backseat. an encouragment to all who wish to live for true love for our fellow man through Christ our helper. never a boring moment I could almost imagine being with them all there and i loved them all at cloudy villa 💖

A Breath of Fresh Air

(5 stars)

I know God in this way, how he works among us and through us to share the beautiful life He has for us with others. I enjoyed all the readers, especially the Portugese young lady. She had lovely diction and a graceful accent. I hope to hear her again. I am moving on to the next title by this author. Peace out.

(5 stars)

I've enjoyed these books for years. Elizabeth Wilcox was the star reader! What a fantastic job young lady! You made the book come alive! Wish you had read more. I also wish the app would let you search book by readers! The delight of the Cloudy Jewel book is not the typical young GLH romance, but the found usefulness of someone "past her prime".

(3.5 stars)

Not her best work. if this had been the first of her books I had listened to instead of the fifth, there wouldn't be a second. Not so much for content, as it keeps to her usual morals and romances. more for the multiple reader format. MS. Mendoza saves my interest in it and is the sole reason it rates so highly