A Story of the Stone Age

Read by James Christopher

(4.3 stars; 138 reviews)

This story is of a time beyond the memory of man, before the beginning of history. . .
(Summary from the text) (2 hr 10 min)


01 - Ugh-lomi and Uya 35:12 Read by James Christopher
02 - The Cave Bear 26:12 Read by James Christopher
03 - The First Horseman 23:45 Read by James Christopher
04 - Uya the Lion 21:57 Read by James Christopher
05 - The Fight in the Lion's Thicket 23:12 Read by James Christopher



(3.5 stars)

HGW put more believeable action in this short effort than in most of his longer ones. Probably, if his rantings and ravings about socialism were deleted from his so-called major works, the resulting story would be about this length. I especially enjoyed the conversations of the cave bears and of the horses.

Good read.

(4 stars)

Very enjoyable. Mr. Christopher has a good, strong voice, but the story was a little hard to follow for lack of inflection. Other than that, great read.

Good Short Story By H.G. Wells

(5 stars)

Not one of H.G. Wells Best Books, But still a Great Read. It's fun to read with lost of good detail.

(4.5 stars)

I found it much more enjoyable than other books by this author, it was short and very entertaining. Definitely worth a read.

So you're a critic

(5 stars)

See this for what the title tells you it is and enjoy.

Good story

(5 stars)

Absolutey loved it H. G. was a man out of time

Clan of the Cave Bear, but in Surrey

(4 stars)

Poor !!!

(2 stars)

Better, but still pulp trash with no real plot that could have been written better by it’s own prehistoric characters !?!