Four Weeks in the Trenches

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(4.5 stars; 148 reviews)

A brief record of the fighting on the Eastern front in the great war by a participant in that great conflict (Summary by FNH) (1 hr 16 min)


01 - Part 1 27:37 Read by FNH
02 - Part 2 23:25 Read by FNH
03 - Part 3 25:05 Read by FNH


Eye witness to Russo-Austrian field of battle, WWI

(5 stars)

The author met a well-known violinist from whose short experience in the Great War comes this story. On vacation with his wife in switzerland when war broke out. Brief, but so was his trench (and his red cross volunteer wife's) war experience, lasting but about four weeks (no spoiler, see title lol). One of the first eyewitness, yea participating, accounts of this aspect of the conflict, useful for researchers, we are told in the preface. Esp interesting on part 3, where fascinating and never gregoire heard accounts of comaraderie between the two armies: you read that right! So refreshing after much reading in the war genre (a better name for which is true crime, NOT l'ing out loudly :-( ). Check these out at least. Closest thing to 'heartwarming' you can get in books about the long nightmare these people lived through together...but I don't recommend you skip any of his story. That its how unusual it is in the genre. doesn't apply to whole book, which has its share of blood (review limit reached).

Good book

(4 stars)

A short but great story.

I love it

(5 stars)

I love how he added as much detail I love this so much

(3.5 stars)

Tryttttttttz herman marshall with a little ginger beer

why no mention of white guilt

(5 stars)

Lots of white people died during the war. This is of course great. However there were lots of trees and furry creatures who died during the war. This is bad. So on one hand I want to congratulate the German for starting the war. On the other hand the Germans were bad for killing furry critters. I retrospect WW1 should be considered good because it killed so many white people. The British did force an extreme number of BIPOC to fight in this war started by western cultural imperialist. Howevwr the good caused by dead whites outweighs the harm caused by dead BIPOCs. White people are the cause of Anthropgenic climate change. If it were not for the war the temperature would be 19 billion. degrees. We need to remake WW1, but this time only fought against white people and fought entirely on land free from endangered furry critters

A pure pleasure to listen too, refreshingly different!

(5 stars)

I have listened to many of the war diaries to be found here on Libravox and am inclined to declare this as one of the very best! The writer is clearly endowed with an extra helping of intellect compared to the usual soldiers accounting their experiences. The writer provides a refreshing perspective of how humans react in times of war. His observations are inquisitive and very well made. I enjoyed this work greatly and do highly recommend it to all war diary enthusiasts! additionally, it is read superbly with excellent expression and perfect pace. a very professional reading indeed! Thankyou!

(4.5 stars)

A very short story about a momentary experience in a fragment of the first world war. In few words war is described with all it's cruelty, but also with aspects of humanitarism and brotherhood not only among comrades, but unexpectedly also with enemies soldiers that, despite on opposite sides, share the same unsustainable conditions. It's really worth listening. Very well red and perfectly comprehensible also by a not native English speaker as me.

best free audiobook book app thnx to volunteers

(5 stars)

well I believe all good books should be accessible to everyone in society so they can enjoy good literature when when they don't have time to read , Librivox is doing a great job for this cause , special thanks to volunteers and everyone associated and also app is easily navigable with comments on books and descriptions as well.. absolutely love it