The Haunted Hotel, A Mystery of Modern Venice

Read by Nathalie J.

(4.2 stars; 293 reviews)

A kind, good-hearted, genteel young woman jilted, a suspicious death or two that only a few think could be murder, strange apparitions appearing in an hotel all combine to create a horrifying conundrum. Who was the culprit and will finding out finally put an end to the mystery? (Summary by Kehinde) (6 hr 59 min)


01 - Chapter One 12:47 Read by Nathalie J.
02 - Chapter Two 15:54 Read by Nathalie J.
03 - Chapter Three 16:31 Read by Nathalie J.
04 - Chapter Four 19:32 Read by Nathalie J.
05 - Chapter Five 19:04 Read by Nathalie J.
06 - Chapter Six 16:38 Read by Nathalie J.
07 - Chapter Seven 6:45 Read by Nathalie J.
08 - Chapter Eight 22:05 Read by Nathalie J.
09 - Chapter Nine 6:10 Read by Nathalie J.
10 - Chapter Ten 12:19 Read by Nathalie J.
11 - Chapter Eleven 14:01 Read by Nathalie J.
12 - Chapter Twelve 19:18 Read by Nathalie J.
13 - Chapter Thirteen 14:28 Read by Nathalie J.
14 - Chapter Fourteen 9:37 Read by Nathalie J.
15 - Chapter Fifteen 9:45 Read by Nathalie J.
16 - Chapter Sixteen 6:14 Read by Nathalie J.
17 - Chapter Seventeen 18:35 Read by Nathalie J.
18 - Chapter Eighteen 9:41 Read by Nathalie J.
19 - Chapter Nineteen 18:40 Read by Nathalie J.
20 - Chapter Twenty 18:50 Read by Nathalie J.
21 - Chapter Twenty One 14:50 Read by Nathalie J.
22 - Chapter Twenty-Two 16:49 Read by Nathalie J.
23 - Chapter Twenty-Three 16:15 Read by Nathalie J.
24 - Chapter Twenty Four 15:17 Read by Nathalie J.
25 - Chapter Twenty-Five 14:52 Read by Nathalie J.
26 - Chapter Twenty-Six 27:52 Read by Nathalie J.
27 - Chapter Twenty-Seven 8:58 Read by Nathalie J.
28 - Chapter Twenty-Eight 11:55 Read by Nathalie J.
29 - Postscript 5:36 Read by Nathalie J.


Enjoyable Collins Mystery

(4 stars)

It seems that many Wilkie Collins' mysteries have a dark side, and this is no exception. This is shorter than some of his other works, and for that reason I found it not so tedious as some of his other works. If you enjoy Collins' mysteries, then I would recommend this one as well. But recognize going in that it is subtle and not flashy. No detective racing around to find the murderer here - instead, it's a slow build to an ending twist that surprised me. I thought the reading was clear and good. Kehinde has an American accent, but I'm guessing she is not a native speaker because some of the pronunciations were off. Nothing to detract from the story, and there is soft, ethereal quality to her voice that adds to the mystery.


(5 stars)

love the reader and the story. kudos to librivox and all the hard working volunteers! i have been reading a lot more picky 'reviews' lately, but carry on, readers. you do the best you can and thank you for exposing us to gems just like this one.a thousand thank you's and don't let the debbie or donny downers get to you.

The Haunted Hotel beautifully read

(5 stars)

Not only was Wilkie Collins story brilliant as usual, the twist and turns and mystery. However, the reader's voice is so soothing and clear. I hope she continues to read more for Librivox

Beautifully read, Mystery

(5 stars)

Some twists are totally unexpected, with several characters, of whom we could suspect. btw, some reviews, are made by people with an over inflated opinion, of their own opinion.

Eh, could have been better

(3 stars)

The story kept me listening closely, replaying chapters to make sure I got it all, but I found the ending of the story somewhat unsatisfying. Agnes is jilted by her fiancée, who marries a different woman who is of questionable repute. When the man dies unexpectedly, his family is mysteriously drawn towards Venice, where he died. Mysterious happenings ensue. The reader's voice was lovely; she has a soft yet expressive way of reading. No complaints there, Just found the ending a tad disappointing.

Ethereal voice, Ghostly apparitions.

(5 stars)

This is a complex mystery, with the simple premise. Good can triumph over evil, even if it takes a dark turn to accomplish. An excellent LibriVox volunteer reads this book beautifully, mispronunciations not withstanding.

Great reader and story

(5 stars)

I like Wilke Collins and this is the second of his stories I have listened to. The reader has a very unique accent that lends a haunting quality to the story. I think this same reader might have read on the Woman in White. She is very good and her accent is quite charming. I highly recommend this reader record all the Wilke Collins stories! Thank you Gehinde for your work on this recording.


(4 stars)

Wilkie Collins is always full of surprises. and this one is even unusual for him. If he has a fault it is his lengthy presentations, but the relative brevity of this one is welcome.since it sacrifices no plot twists. The reader does a fine job.