The Christmas Angel

Read by Jan MacGillivray

(4.6 stars; 149 reviews)

Disagreeable old Miss Terry spends her Christmas Eve getting rid of toys from her childhood toy box. One by one she tosses them onto the sidewalk in front of her house, then secretly watches the little scenes that occur, which seem to confirm her belief that true Christmas spirit does not exist. Then the Angel from her childhood Christmas tree appears to show Miss Terry that she has not yet witnessed the final act of each of those little dramas …

Living Age magazine in 1910 observed of The Christmas Angel, "Not since Charles Dickens laid down his pen forever has there been a prettier Christmas story written, one more full of the real spirit of Christmas or conveying a more seasonable lesson." (Summary by Jan MacGillivray) (1 hr 56 min)


01 - Chapters 1 - 4 25:07 Read by Jan MacGillivray
02 - Chapters 5 - 7 23:54 Read by Jan MacGillivray
03 - Chapters 8 - 10 22:48 Read by Jan MacGillivray
04 - Chapters 11 - 12 22:47 Read by Jan MacGillivray
05 - Chapters 13 - 15 21:29 Read by Jan MacGillivray


It should be a "new" classic

(5 stars)

It's about Christmas spirit barely mentioning religious things making this a story everyone can enjoy. It also reminds us not to assume or judge without all of the facts.

(4 stars)

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If only I could give more stars!

(5 stars)

This is a lovely story that will bring hope to your heart no matter what time of year it is. Jan MacGillivray is one of the best readers at Librivox that I have ever listened to. I could swear I have heard this voice narrating "professional" audio recordings I have heard. I would love to see Jan narrate more stories and especially children's stories. Thank you for a superb job Jan!

very moving story

(5 stars)

I am so glad I found this little gem. I had not heard it before and found it to be a very moving and heart felt tale.Very well narrated by Jan MacGillivary that makes for a very wonderful exprience. Highly recommend lending a ear to this one you won't regrett it! Thanks Jan & LibriVox for this great story.

Lovely story and reading

(5 stars)

A beautiful story, very moving and hearwarming. Mrs Terry is a very compelling character, flawed and human. The change she goes through does not feel forced or unrealistic, and although sentimental it never feels sickly. The reading is very well done, Jan has a lovely voice and she made the story come alive for me. Thank you Jan.


(5 stars)

This was a delightful story with a happy ending. I will definitely be listening to it again next Christmas. It was also beautifully read.

(4.5 stars)

viewed through today's eyes, the ending is very creepy. Viewed through the eyes of 1910, wonderful story with a happy ending

Really captures the feeling of Christmas

(5 stars)

Suspend disbelief and let this story help you believe in the transformative power of Christmas.