The Parenticide Club

Read by Peter Yearsley

(4.4 stars; 137 reviews)

Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914?), best known as journalist, satirist and short story writer. Cynical in outlook, economical in style; Bierce vanished while an observer with Pancho Villa's army.

Four grotesque short stories about murder within the family, seen through the gently innocent eyes of family members ... usually the murderer himself.
(Summary written by Peter Yearsley) (0 hr 48 min)


The Parenticide Club 48:50 Read by Peter Yearsley


Very well done and genuinely creepy

(5 stars)

This reader is superb! Thanks for your hard work ? I will be reading your other projects.

Sick but funny

(4 stars)

This collection is pretty twisted -- four brief stories of casual murder. Not something to listen to in public, due to violence and a couple of out-of-date racial slurs. Peter Yearsley reads everything well. The sound quality is occasionally a bit off. I would have liked to have the four stories separated onto different tracks, but they're short enough that it doesn't matter too much.

My Favorite Short Stories

(5 stars)

Peter yearsley nails these sehis short stories to perfection.Also a gruesome subject matter, its quite humourous and I never get tired of a new listen every now and then. Mr Yearsley is my favorite far.


(5 stars)

These tales of dark, exceedingly dry wit are imparted in the suitibly deadpan manner they deserve! Excellent!

perfectly read by Peter Yearsley

(5 stars)

thank you!

Mr Bierce master of horror!

(5 stars)

Mr Bierce has a great style in weaving a horror story. His direct, concise manner, tells his tale with a literary economy devoid of over embellishment or aggrandizement (as demonstrated by the writer of this review) or the usage of run-on sentences, (me, again) seldom seen in the literary world, especially at the time of his career in the late 19th and early 20th century. (if I tried I bet I could do a thousand word review and do it with one sentence... maybe next time...) His dark manner conveys horror without the need to use graphic images or other gratuitous measures. I guess in my own overly verbose manner I'm trying to say, "Hey, these stories are great! Anyone who likes tales of the macabre should thoroughly enjoy these!" (but heck, then the spotlight wouldn't be shining on me! what a great vehicle of egotism and an ability to turn a review into a self promotion! I bet The Donald would approve!) What do you expect from a reviewer who writes and receives no renumeration? Oops, that's like when the libraries went from the Dewey Decimal System, to the Library of Congress System... I mean without REMUNERATION. Mr Yearsley is a reader with few equals! I would think Mr Bierce would be proud to have such a fine reader to tell his tales! {anybody up for reviewing the reviews??} Please accept my apologies, I'm in some kind of wacky mood tonight or maybe it's an early sign of senile dementia!

This is genuinely unsettling...

(4 stars)

Slightly out-of-date, but holy **** these stories are creepy! Don't listen if you don't like nightmares! Also, @phil, here's my review for your review: Pretty well written, don't feel any dementia (lol), my one complaint would be overuse of the humble parenthesis (ironic given my frequent use of it, and, I suppose, it's similarity to the word "parent"), it is a bit rambling, but if you wanted to go into writing I bet you could pen a decent story!

Holy smokes why did I download this one???

(4 stars)

Okay, the stories are eerie, and if you want nightmares, well, you picked the right story. Its creepy alright. You got your perfect mix of cannabalism, revenge, and other general weirdness. This is a series of short stories linked by the common theme of killing one's parents. Somebody REALLY didn't like eating their broccoli or something... The reader is great; his cadence reminds me of Hannibal Lector discussing eating livers with Chianti and fava beans.