Royal Children of English History

Read by Cori Samuel

(4.7 stars; 40 reviews)

From the first chapter: "History is a story, a story of things that happened to real live people in our England years ago; and the things that are happening here and now, and that are put in the newspapers, will be history for little children one of these days. And the people you read about in history were real live people, who were good and bad, and glad and sorry, just as people are now-a-days."

E. Nesbit writes about some of the people behind the names, dates and battles of English History in this lovely book for older children. The original book contains some beautiful illustrations and you can see those by clicking the 'Gutenberg' link below. Summary by Cori Samuel. (1 hr 12 min)


01 - Alfred the Great 12:37 Read by Cori Samuel
02 - Prince Arthur 12:01 Read by Cori Samuel
03 - Henry the Third 11:58 Read by Cori Samuel
04 - The First Prince of Wales 12:16 Read by Cori Samuel
05 - Edward the Black Prince 11:20 Read by Cori Samuel
06 - Henry the Fifth and the Baby King 12:17 Read by Cori Samuel


Classic, lovely

(5 stars)

My son has no idea that he's learning history - he's just entranced with the stories. Cori Samuel utterly fulfills Nesbit's intention in this charming reading. I hunt all over for her readings of kid-friendly stories.

Lovely voice! Lovely stories!

(5 stars)

Lovely voice! entertaining stories to learn about England's past . Great for children!

Edith's history makes England's story live. Cori is a delight;

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

Very interesting history and good storytelling. Great reader.

Excellent reader. Well told stories from history

(5 stars)