The Picture of Dorian Gray

Read by John Gonzalez

(4.5 stars; 253 reviews)

Dorian Gray, a young man of wealth and stature in late 1800's London, meets Lord Henry Wotton while posing for a portrait by his friend Basil Hallward. Once the painting is complete, Dorian realizes that it will always be young and attractive, while he will be forced to age and wither with the years. Carelessly, he wishes the opposite were true. What happens is a treatise on morals, self-indulgence and how crucial personal responsibility is towards one's self. (Summary by John Gonzalez)

(6 hr 11 min)


Chapter 01 37:44 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 02 38:24 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 03 37:28 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 04 15:33 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 05 27:42 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 06 36:47 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 07 25:01 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 08 22:38 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 09 51:59 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 10 16:30 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 11 16:44 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 12 30:27 Read by John Gonzalez
Chapter 13 28:47 Read by John Gonzalez


brilliantly read

(5 stars)

i wish john would read many more books, he's a pleasure to hear. they way he does it brings you even more closer to the story and characters. the story itself is very well written and very well designed. i recommend everyone to try it out.

Very well read, but was too wordy for me.

(2.5 stars)

I read this years ago and really enjoyed it but had forgotten much of it. This time it just depressed me although the premise is still interesting.

Surprising Wilde (Abridged) Love Affair

(4 stars)

I am over 40 and somehow missed Oscar Wilde in all my mandatory educational reading. I chose this only based on three character appearing in some pop culture media (like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Wilde has an incredible way with words in this story, drawing the reader into Dorian's world as well as into the minds of his "friends", like the Devil and Angel (or maybe just a lesser Devil) sitting upon his shoulders. The reader is equally fantastic (despite the occasional audible swallowing). My only complaint is that this is abridged with key scenes and at least one character missing, and I could not find any indication from the picture or description. Only a search afterwards tipped me to missing something when I read in a Cliff Notes quiz about Sybil Vane's brother.

excellent reading, confusing text

(3 stars)

it is a very important literary work and the reader's performance is outstanding. I rated it poorly because I didn't enjoy the text and story itself, though I admit that there were many interesting passages.


(0.5 stars)

I had to stop listening to this before finishing the first chapter because the narrator was just not my cup of tea. His strange character voices and fake accents were terrible and annoying. He has audible swallowing every 2 minutes which was so distracting that I couldn't pay attention to the story.

(5 stars)

This reader absolutely lives up to the high praises of the other reviewers, he gives an excellent performance! It was a pleasure to listen to this well read classic book that I had never gotten around to reading. I loved the style that the author writes with, and there were so many familiar quotes in this book to enjoy. I enjoyed this book very much, and it lingers long after the last chapter. Sorry to admit I didn't get through "that" chapter that was mentioned as skippable, it was too dry for me too, and I was impatient to get on with the story ;) Maybe on a second listen I will have the fortitude to listen to every word!

absolutely fascinating book, best reader version

(5 stars)

i have listened to part of the dramatic recording & part of the other single reader recording. this is THE BEST reader! more like listening to a play than a book! there is a little white noise from the microphone, but you soon forget all about it as you get sucked in to the story. a book on vanity morals and sanity. one chapter is rather boring philosophical jabber describing Dorian's life habits and fascinations over years. you can honestly skip to the next chapter without missing much. just a wonderful book though, now i see why it and oscar Wilde are mentioned so much.

Excellent book

(3 stars)

narrative was extremely annoying as the voice was way to shape...could have done with a shade of base in the voice as there was way too much treble...would have stopped listening but the book itself was interesting. Only giving it 3 stars due to the narrator's voice