Dracula's Guest & Other Weird Tales

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(4.2 stars; 67 reviews)

Nine Gothic Horror Tales by the author of Dracula.

(5 hr 12 min)


Dracula's Guest 29:49 Read by Robert White
The Judge's House 40:09 Read by Cate Mackenzie
The Squaw 25:01 Read by David Huston
The Secret of The Growing Gold 27:15 Read by Haylayer Flaga
Gipsy Prophecy 20:47 Read by Cate Mackenzie
The Coming of Abel Behenna 43:41 Read by Cate Mackenzie
The Burial of the Rats 27:16 Read by Haylayer Flaga
The Burial of the Rats, part 2 27:10 Read by Haylayer Flaga
A Dream of Red Hands 27:27 Read by Bellona Times
Crooken Sands 43:43 Read by Cate Mackenzie


Very Good!

(5 stars)

I think its amazing this old tale is bought to life by narrators accross the world - grateful thanks - Mandy - from my small corner of the world listening.

Well read: an interesting series of short stories

(4 stars)

No quite as horrible as I expected, but at the same time, you really need to give Stoker time to work on you to be suitably horrified, so the short form may not serve him so well. The read is good.

heard better

(4 stars)

I have heard a better read but otherwise okay

I loved Dracula, The stories are nothing alike, Simple and chesy

(1 stars)


(3 stars)

I really expected more from Bram Stoker. I thought these tales were rather tedious and somewhat pedestrian but were sort of worth the listen to. some of the recordings were very poor and some good.

Dracula s Guest and other Weird Tales

(4 stars)