Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad

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(4.4 stars; 44 reviews)

Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad is the second of the ten book series of Aunt Jane's Nieces. The story continues with the three much loved girls - the sweet and generous Patsy, the cunning Louise, and the sullen Beth. This time they're on a tour of Europe with their down-to-earth uncle John Merrick.

The benevolent uncle and his nieces meet mysterious and sinister Victor Valdi, his daughter Tato, and a pretend nobleman, Count Ferralti, who fancies Louise. The story revolves around travel and kidnapping, and the subsequent adventures of the three young girls, told in Baum's own inimitable style that keeps us at the edge of our seats. (Summary by Neeru Iyer)

(6 hr 15 min)


01 - Prefatory; The Doyles are Astonished 12:54 Read by margo zinberg
02 - Uncle John Makes Plans 12:21 Read by margo zinberg
03 - "All Ashore!" 12:33 Read by Bridget Gaige
04 - Some New Acquaintances and a Warning 19:00 Read by Bridget Gaige
05 - Vesuvius Rampant 3:22 Read by Diana Majlinger
06 - Under a Cloud 16:06 Read by Robert Parker
07 - A Friend in Need 6:37 Read by Chelsea Baker
08 - Across the Bay 7:48 Read by Chelsea Baker
09 - Count Ferralti 9:36 Read by Luigina
10 - The Road to Amalfi 15:42 Read by bj
11 - The Eagle Screams 15:23 Read by Robert Parker
12 - Moving on 25:09 Read by Robert Parker
13 - "Il Duca" 19:49 Read by Phil Griffiths
14 - Uncle John Disappears 19:18 Read by Phil Griffiths
15 - Days of Anxiety 10:29 Read by margo zinberg
16 - Tato 9:11 Read by margo zinberg
17 - The Hidden Valley 16:51 Read by Phil Griffiths
18 - The Guests of the Brigand 16:56 Read by Phil Griffiths
19 - A Difficult Position 10:51 Read by Bridget Gaige
20 - Uncle John Plays Eavesdropper 12:46 Read by Bridget Gaige
21 - The Pit 10:43 Read by Phil Griffiths
22 - News at Last 14:46 Read by Phil Griffiths
23 - Beth Begins to Plot 7:57 Read by Bridget Gaige
24 - Patsy's New Friend 10:11 Read by Bridget Gaige
25 - Turning the Tables 8:10 Read by Chelsea Baker
26 - The Count Unmasks 11:07 Read by Bridget Gaige
27 - Tato is Adopted 7:50 Read by Chelsea Baker
28 - Dreams and Dress-making 13:28 Read by Bridget Gaige
29 - Tato Wins 8:58 Read by Elli
30 - A Way to Forget 7:21 Read by Chelsea Baker
31 - Safe Home 2:26 Read by Diana Majlinger


Good story

(4 stars)

The story was very interesting and very close to real life facts as it has happened to my family in real life so i could see that happening 100%. only thing i didn't like was the reader Elli i think she read the second last chapter and i have heard her in other books to she is a terrible public reader I don't mean to be rude but her accent is very strong and could barely understand her what she said which made me quite upset as the chapter was quite intense and had to go back in the book and actually read it to understand what actually happened I'm sorry elli but i would suggested please don't read for others thanks

Book content and readers

(4 stars)

There is alot going on in this book, almost too much. Chapter 29 is read by a lady with a VERY heavy French sounding accent and it is high pitched. It was almost impossible to make sense of. I had to settle for the main jist of it.

(5 stars)

I love the book. I just don’t understand why there has to be such a mixture of readers. Why can’t the foreign voices all be on one book? It’s frustrating to be able to understand some so well and then not understand some at all....

(3.5 stars)

Story was very good and would have been a five but for the reading of chapter 29. It was an important chapter and I only got the jist of it as the reader’s accent was too heavy to be understood. This was terribly disappointing!

great book

(5 stars)

I was a little disappointed by some readers,mainly because the parts that were more interesting like the letter of Tato was read so terribly ,I couldn't understand not even a word .

(3 stars)

I like the book, but some readers had such heavy foreign accents that it was hard to understand. Chapter 29 was the worst!

Great Story

(5 stars)

Loved the historic fiction! The story moves at the perfect pace and has plenty of turns.

So so

(3 stars)

Some readers shouldn't read for the general public...i know they are volunteers but .....