The Night Horseman

Read by Richard Kilmer

(4.4 stars; 445 reviews)

A man, a dog, and a horse. The call of the wild geese. A very smart doctor from the east who finds there is a lot to learn from these desert people. A woman loved by three men. A gunslinger who has a debt to settle. Max Brand brings them all together in another one of his over three hundred exciting western tales. Brand is not your typical western writer.(Summary by rkilmer) (9 hr 48 min)


01 - The Scholar 9:16 Read by Richard Kilmer
02 - Words and Bullets 13:44 Read by Richard Kilmer
03 - The Doctor Rides 14:37 Read by Richard Kilmer
04 - The Chain 14:25 Read by Richard Kilmer
05 - The Waiting 9:34 Read by Richard Kilmer
06 - The Mission Starts 22:08 Read by Richard Kilmer
07 - Jerry Strann 12:52 Read by Richard Kilmer
08 - The Gift-Horse 12:31 Read by Richard Kilmer
09 - Battle Light 12:41 Read by Richard Kilmer
10 - Sweet Adeline 9:29 Read by Richard Kilmer
11 - The Buzzard 22:22 Read by Richard Kilmer
12 - Finesse 11:35 Read by Richard Kilmer
13 - The Three 19:47 Read by Richard Kilmer
14 - Music for Old Nick 11:23 Read by Richard Kilmer
15 - Old Gary Peters 10:37 Read by Richard Kilmer
16 - The Coming of Night 13:39 Read by Richard Kilmer
17 - Buck Makes His Get-Away 11:16 Read by Richard Kilmer
18 - Doctor Byrne Analyses 11:43 Read by Richard Kilmer
19 - Suspense 23:10 Read by Richard Kilmer
20 - The Coming 12:42 Read by Richard Kilmer
21 - Mac Strann Decides To Keep The Law 11:29 Read by Richard Kilmer
22 - Patience 11:01 Read by Richard Kilmer
23 - How Mac Strann Kept The Law 19:31 Read by Richard Kilmer
24 - Doctor Byrne Looks Into The Past 20:11 Read by Richard Kilmer
25 - Werewolf 14:07 Read by Richard Kilmer
26 - The Battle 14:16 Read by Richard Kilmer
27 - The Conquest 14:50 Read by Richard Kilmer
28 - The Trail 9:58 Read by Richard Kilmer
29 - Talk 10:25 Read by Richard Kilmer
30 - The Voice Of Black Bart 12:14 Read by Richard Kilmer
31 - The Message 8:43 Read by Richard Kilmer
32 - Victory 13:43 Read by Richard Kilmer
33 - Doctor Byrne Shows The Truth 11:28 Read by Richard Kilmer
34 - The Acid Test 25:05 Read by Richard Kilmer
35 - Pale Annie 20:15 Read by Richard Kilmer
36 - The Discovery Of Life 13:25 Read by Richard Kilmer
37 - The Piebald 13:25 Read by Richard Kilmer
38 - The Challenge 10:44 Read by Richard Kilmer
39 - The Storm 12:36 Read by Richard Kilmer
40 - The Arroyo 17:21 Read by Richard Kilmer
41 - The Falling Night 12:05 Read by Richard Kilmer
42 - The Journey Into Night 11:37 Read by Richard Kilmer


(4 stars)

Well narrated by someone who sounds like he lived in the old west and was wearing his cowboy boots and hat while telling a familiar story in his deep, mature voice. The first "review" gave an overview of the ingredients in :the plot. The style of the novel was a slow, moseying tale with lengthy descriptions of people, fights, rivers, the horse, the wolf/dog, and so on. No surprising twists or turns, or deep subplots, just a

the night horseman

(4 stars)

1st of all, the person who stated that this book was fantasy and not a good western is likely a young, experience. lacking, spoiled, soft individual, who never had a callous. basically, callow. 're: the book, it was very good. the 1st was the best and. the next 2 were not as good but they were still very good. I'm just getting into western and brand and Zane grey are wonderful. whistling. Dan is a awesome character. and I hope there are more books to find that are as entertaining. I recommend. spirit of boarder, the last trail, lone star ranger and riders of the purple. sage by z grey and bull Hunter, way of the lawless, trailing,

The Night Horseman...not his best

(3 stars)

I enjoyed this second book in the "Whistlin' Dan" series, though not nearly as much as the first. The author treated the characters differently than he did in the 1st - sometimes it was very strange. Only Buck Daniels was similar to who he was in the 1st book, I liked him still.

Lyrical Western with Excellent narration

(5 stars)

If Richard Kilmer narrates more of these I will download them all. He is a wonderful narrator and he made the story very entertaining. His narration brought to life the very beautiful and often lyrical writing of this author. The characters are so well written you feel like you know them. The character of Dan Barry (sp) really bothered me in a lot of ways and when he has a confrontation with Buck Daniels you realize how Dan is so much more nature and animal than human with a soul. I Enjoyed this story and will look for more by this author and narrator.

Depressing story...

(3 stars)

I didn't like this story, it was depressing. And yes I like westerns, watch them all the time, but this was just blah to me. There is no clear hero, just a bit of an idiot tough guy who has issues with geese and getting slapped. The chick who is in love with him is likewise an idiot who allows herself to be bullied into riding off into the sunset with the 'hero' which basically finishes off her dying father. Excellent reader tho, he has a great slight drawl that works well with the theme of the story. I just didn't care for the story.

(4 stars)

Thanks to all at Librivox for another very worthwhile listen. Max Brand clearly had a good handle on and was able breathe life into a whole range of personality types, and these were brought to life for me compellingly and disturbingly by Richard Kilmer's measured narration. Thank you, Richard. My career paths have led me into contact with some very complex and/or dark personalities. I was often helped in my dealings with them by the availability of a well-documented psychological profile. I found myself wishing again and again that I had one for Whistlin' Dan Barry!

Existential western.

(5 stars)

I can see how this might not appeal to the classical western fan, who like stories with heroes and villains and Good vs. Evil, with a happy ending. Brand elevates the western to a more mystical level. His character Whistlin' Dan could be a werewolf, with his affinity to animals and hatred of the indoors. I found this tale quite spooky. Brand also throws in a fine facility for turning a phrase. "Let each day bury its dead."

(2 stars)

not a great western story. reads more like something in the style of HP Lovecraft. the structure is overly wordy (as books of that era tend to be), very discriptive of the scene but with the feeling that the author sees but doesn't understand the people places and animals he is writing about. it feels like the author is well to do from nyc and decided to write a book after vacationing on in the west