Lisbeth Longfrock or Sidsel Sidsærkin

Read by Annise

(4.1 stars; 6 reviews)

Lisbeth Longfrock - (Sidsel Sidsærkin in its original Norwegian) was seen by the author as a book written for adults, telling the story of a young girl growing up in a farming district in a steep-sided Norwegian Valley. First written when the author's daughter was 8 years old so she would know about his childhood spent in similar surroundings, living on a farm and spending summer in charge of the cows and goats on the mountain pastures. (Summary by Annise) (3 hr 28 min)


01 - Lisbeth Longfrock goes to Hoel Farm 16:09 Read by Annise
02 - Lisbeth Longfrock as Spinning Woman 13:25 Read by Annise
03 - Leaving Peerout Castle 15:58 Read by Annise
04 - Spring: Letting the Animals out to Pasture 28:06 Read by Annise
05 - Summer: Taking the Animals up to the Sæter 22:07 Read by Annise
06 - The Taming of Crookhorn 21:31 Read by Annise
07 - Home from the Sæter 19:28 Read by Annise
08 - On Glory Peak 20:18 Read by Annise
09 - The Visit to Peerout Castle 22:06 Read by Annise
10 - Sunday at the Sæter 13:59 Read by Annise
11 - Lisbeth appointed Head Milkmaid 15:06 Read by Annise


(4 stars)

l really enjoyed this book. lts about purity, honesty, and being worthy of a worth while calling.


(1 stars)

Good book until the sound became scratchy and muffled. I didn't want to continue after that.