St. George and St. Michael, Volume 1

Read by Jordan

(4.6 stars; 46 reviews)

’St. George and St. Michael’ is a little-known historical romance telling the story of a young couple who find themselves on opposing sides during the tumultuous years of the English Civil Wars.

Tensions are rising between king and parliament, the Church of England and the numerous independent puritans, and rumours abound that Charles I will soon declare open war on the dissident elements within his realm. Seventeen-year-old Dorothy Vaughan knows little of the brewing conflict, yet is sure that her loyalty must be with her king and her nation. When she challenges her childhood friend, Richard Heywood, to prove himself a man and so worthy of winning her hand in marriage by becoming involved in the larger events that surround them, he finds that his convictions – both political and spiritual – lie with his father’s and the puritans. Determined to do what he believes is right, Richard finds that he cannot shake his immovable conscience, even for the woman he loves.

Though it is, for the most part, a realistic novel, ‘St. George and St. Michael’ is not without either the otherwordly atmosphere of the fantastic or the rich spiritual depth that characterises so much of MacDonald’s writing. (Summary by Jordan)

Volume 2 (5 hr 12 min)


Dorothy and Richard (Part 1) 11:45 Read by Jordan
Dorothy and Richard (Part 2) 15:22 Read by Jordan
Richard and his Father 13:20 Read by Jordan
The Witch 7:21 Read by Jordan
A Chapter of Fools (Part 1) 17:00 Read by Jordan
A Chapter of Fools (Part 2) 16:03 Read by Jordan
Animadversions 23:50 Read by Jordan
Preparations 11:35 Read by Jordan
Reflections 8:54 Read by Jordan
An Adventure (Part 1) 19:57 Read by Jordan
An Adventure (Part 2) 15:26 Read by Jordan
Love and War 23:49 Read by Jordan
Dorothy's Refuge 17:16 Read by Jordan
Raglan Castle 19:06 Read by Jordan
The Two Marquises 23:06 Read by Jordan
The Magician's Vault 17:12 Read by Jordan
Several People 18:43 Read by Jordan
Husband and Wife 18:52 Read by Jordan
Dorothy's Initiation 13:55 Read by Jordan


Spiritual conflict fit for today's divided Christendom

(5 stars)

This tale is extremely relevant to the current divide in the United States and specifically American Christianity. MacDonald's signature blend of romance and theology explores how two friends with differing views can still earnestly follow Jesus and come together in unity. I highly recommend this story if you are a Christian striving to stay true to your personal beliefs and convictions, while opening your heart to brothers and sisters who disagree with you. Part one is masterfully read by Jordan, who has done multiple Macdonald books and never fails to captivate with his careful, expressive narration and his keen characterization. Wonderful job!

Great readers bring out the best in great books.

(4.5 stars)

Great readers bring out the best in great books and great authors. Jordan reads this book like a professional with the right balance of everything and a great reader. He even has an English accent to go along with it which I like. Though MacDonald was Scottish the accent enhances the reading. Story itself deals with some complex political/religious issues in England. MacDonald develops these characters so well through his story that you began to see that there are honest people (in their consciences ) on both sides of any issue.

please complete vol 2&3

(5 stars)

Excellent reading by Jordan, delightful & insightful book by MacDonald, very much looking forward to volume 2&3

(4.5 stars)

Thanks to Jordan. Listening to this book has brightened my quiet hours. Looking forward to the next volume.


(5 stars)

Excellent story and excellent reading by Jordan. Can't wait for the other volumes in this set.

st george and Sr Michael volume 2

(4 stars)