Hedda Gabler

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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Hedda Gabler is a play first published in 1890 by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. In it, Hedda Gabler, daughter of an aristocratic General, has just returned from her honeymoon with George Tesman, an aspiring young academic, reliable but not brilliant, who has combined research with their honeymoon. The reappearance of Tesman's academic rival, Eilert Lovborg, throws their lives into disarray. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia by wildemoose)


George Tesman - Read by mb
Hedda Tesman, his wife - Read by Arielle Lipshaw
Miss Juliana Tesman, his aunt - Read by Kalynda
Mrs. Elvsted - Read by Elizabeth Klett
Judge Brack - Read by Joe Bly
Eilbert Loveborg - Read by Bob Sherman
Berta, servant at the Tesmans - Read by Diana Majlinger
Narrator|Stage Directions - Read by Availle

Director|File Editor - Arielle Lipshaw

(2 hr 43 min)


Act 1 53:54 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Act 2 48:46 Read by Kalynda
Act 3 31:02 Read by Arielle Lipshaw
Act 4 30:16 Read by Availle


Cast of Readers

(3 stars)

Cast of readers makes this version better at keeping track of the roles. Don't expect to much drama though. Oh, I wish there were a soundtrack... Fancy that, eh

Wow. I did not see that ending coming.

(5 stars)