The Regent

Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)

(4.7 stars; 102 reviews)

'The Regent' is, if not a sequel to 'The Card', then a 'Further Adventures of' the eponymous hero of that novel.

Denry Machin is now forty-three and begins to feel that he is getting old, that making money and a happy home life are not enough and that he has lost his touch as the entrepreneur and entertainer of the 'Five Towns'.

In fact, as he says to himself 'What I want is change - and a lot of it too!'. A chance meeting at the local theatre leads to his going to London and then... (Summary by A.J.M.) (9 hr 6 min)


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Great sequel to "The Card"

(5 stars)

Andy Minter is a fantastic narrator who makes this a pleasure to listen to. The story is a sequel to "The Card". Denry Machin is older, wiser and more mature. However he ends up taking on a business venture in London with his unique blend of luck, ability and tenacity. I very much enjoyed the story, and the development of the characters from "The Card". Denry, the protagonist, is a very likeable and human character. Unlike "The Card" the book forms one long story rather than a series of smaller episodes.


(5 stars)

as usual, Arnold Bennett has done it again. it's a charming story with humor and emotion. Andy Minter is an excellent narrator, I enjoyed all of his voices for the different characters and he manages to put the right emphasis for each one.


(5 stars)

He is truly a card. Bennett was never better than this. But, WHAT ARE WE TO DO WITHOUT ANDY MINTER? He was never better than with this book.

(4.5 stars)

Reader did an absolutely superb and professional performance. One example was his voicing of the photographer taking pictures of the character Elsie towards the end of the story. This story did not keep my attention throughout with so many different characters as did the previous novel, "The Card". For me the first half was very entertaining, now with the protagonist living a comfortable life with wife, 3 children, and forever-disapproving mother, all in the same luxurious house. The story again picks up with some very funny situations once Denry gets ready to open his new theater. So I was very glad I listened to the very end. My favorite of Arnold Bennett's so far though is his humorous novel "Buried Alive". For me, he surpassed Wodehouse.

Pretty good

(4 stars)

This one was not quite as good as its predecessor ("The Card," which I highly recommend), because it all revolves around one central theme, that of a midlife crisis which takes our hero away from his family and the Five Towns area (of so much fame and interest in the first book) and has him mostly gadding about London in the company of theatrical types whilst he builds a grand new theater he names The Regent. But all comes right in the end, hence four stars. And the reading is excellent throughout!

Humerous tale well told

(4 stars)

Truth be told, I was not wild about this book after the first chapter. The same thing happened when I listened to <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Card</a>. But once you get a bit into the story, it takes off and let the laughs begin. Loved the story just as much as Bennett's other works. Another well done solo reading by Andy Minter. Keep reading Andy - we love your work!

The card of the five towns Rides again!

(4.5 stars)

The card of the five towns Rides again! this is a fun sequel where an older "Denry" comically outwits those that deem themselves Superior to him and comes out on top again. The combination of Arnold Bennett's writing and Andy Minter's reading is a real pleasure to listen to.

Well worth a listen

(5 stars)

Despite Andy Minters AMAZING reading, it took me a little bit to get into this Arnold Bennett. But I'm glad I did. It's fabulous. Arnold Bennett and Andy Minter are a match made in heaven. Rest in peace Mr Minter. Thank you for the HOURS of listening joy you have given us all.