The Man in Lower Ten

Read by MaryAnn

(4.6 stars; 395 reviews)

Someone had to take the bank notes to Pittsburgh and take a statement from John Gilmore confirming that they were indeed forged. It was McKnight's turn to go, but he was bagging off because he wanted to spend the weekend visiting Alison West in Richmond. And so his law partner, Lawrence Blakeley, is left with no choice but to make the trip himself. All goes well at first, but on the train home, Blakeley wakes to find that the notes, along with his clothes, are missing from his sleeping berth. It was an eventful night. In addition to the theft, there's been a murder in the berth across, and when the weapon is found under Blakeley's pillow, he becomes one of the prime suspects. (Summary by MaryAnn) (6 hr 15 min)


The Man in Lower Ten!

(5 stars)

1st time reading a Mary Roberts Rinehart book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The narrator was excellent. The book is full of humor, wit, sarcasm, plot stunts, and enough mystery to keep the pages turning. Strongly recommend.


(3.5 stars)

I enjoyed the story but feel that there were too many characters towards the end. I started to have trouble keeping everyone straight. Also, having a hobbyist (not a detective) investigating without the police getting mad about it is weird to me. Even Holmes worked with them! I did like the sarcasm & wit that occurred throughout the mystery.

Pretty good story

(4 stars)

The man in lower ten, ends up in 9, and then 7, and THEN the man in 10 ends up dead, the man in 7 exchanges the first man's clothes and things, framing the man in 7, who just wanted to sleep in 10, the bunk he originally reserved. What a tangle right from the start. Towards the end, the story lost its momentum briefly, but it picked up again. Overall it was a very good book. Quality of recording is good, reading is good.

Pretty good

(3.5 stars)

This is a pretty good story; not as good as "The Window In The White Cat." This story does have a lot of puzzling/mystery aspects, but it has an even heavier love story theme, making this book only "pretty good." I'm interested to try other Mary Roberts Rinehart novels to see if they are more mystery or romance. The reader of this book did a very good job.

Very enjoyable

(5 stars)

The characters were likable, and their relationships with each other full of humor and realism. The plot had just the right balance of clarity and mystery. The subplots of character development and love are nicely done (ie: not overdone, enhancing the story without distracting melodrama).


(5 stars)

M R R is the master (mistress?) of weaving webs which the reader is seldom, if ever, to navigate. This story approaches THE BREAKING POINT in this capacity. Mary Ann does her always exemplary narration. Read this one!

Another great story

(5 stars)

I thought the reading and recording quality were excellent, which only enhanced this story. There were several interesting characters that were well done. Very enjoyable.

(5 stars)

i loved this. the story, the humour and the reading were a good. a lovely book!