The Raven

Read by Chris Goringe

(4.5 stars; 1005 reviews)

Perhaps Edgar Allen Poe's most famous poem, the "Raven" is a macabre exploration of a man, his memories of Lenore, and the black bird that interrupts his studies on a dark December night, with tap-tap-tapping at his chamber door. (Summary by Hugh)

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The Raven 9:30 Read by Chris Goringe


Great reader

(5 stars)

One of my children read this for a project and got honors at a state competition for his reading. I have loved this poem ever since I first read it as a child. This gentleman's reading of it is excellent. Thanks.

who is stupid?

(5 stars)

Let's not go on about each other's comments---let's all just keep reading and listening. Oh, by the way, "were" is not the correct spelling---you should have typed "we're" or "we are". Time to listen to another book.

Great Accent

(5 stars)

This "Yank" really enjoyed hearing this classic in its "original English!" Or at least close to a British accent.... Are you from Australia? Anyway, I really love this poem, and it is complemented beautifully by your reading.

The Raven

(5 stars)

Nice pronunciation. Congrats! I would try to improve the acting, i.e., whispering Leonore instead of just uttering it. I do thank you for your time.

It was amazing!

(3.5 stars)

This is my first time reading/listening to Edgar Allan Poe work. And I am already hooked. I'll be picking up one of his poetry again soon. The writing itself is phenomenal, each words is placed carefully to convey every emotions and story in such a way it rolled off the tongue easily. The narrator did a good job at conveying the emotions, but a better mic would be excellent.


(5 stars)

To the person who referred to a lisp, that is actually what we refer to as as “English accent”. On of many different variants. But if you give it another listen and pay attention to the “s” sound. Do they sound wrong to you? Classic, evocative poem, perfectly recited.

Reader has a Good Voice

(5 stars)

It can be hard to find a reader who does not over act. This reader is natural and carries the words as I imagine they were meant to be read and said.

(1 stars)

I love this story, and im happy these are free but and im not trying to be mean someone with a lisp distracts from it.