The Slavery of Our Times

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(4.8 stars; 80 reviews)

This little book shows, in a short, clear, and systematic manner, how the principle of Non-Resistance, about which Tolstoy has written so much, is related to economic and political life. (Summary by Aylmer Maude, Translator)

(2 hr 46 min)


good but might be misunderstood

(4 stars)

its meant as an ideological and personal excercise in seeing how you support unjust institutions you oppose.

Very enlightening

(5 stars)

Utopian but most will continue to be slaves of commercialism

(5 stars)

slavery is everywhere around us! now I see it more clearly!

perfect reading

(5 stars)

An outstanding reading and spectacular commentary on socialism.

Thank You

(5 stars)

Thank you for this recording!

(5 stars)

I came to it all on my own. Check out my philosophy on my FB page. look for Serg Ter