The Song My Paddle Sings

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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LibriVox’s weekly poetry project for the week of February 5, 2006 offers fourteen versions of "The Song My Paddle Sings" from the collection Flint and Feather by E. Pauline Johnson.

E. Pauline Johnson, also known as Tekahionwake, was born to the Mohawk Chief G.H.M. Johnson (Onwanonsyshon), and his wife, Emily S. Howells, a lady of pure English parentage. Pauline, born and raised in Canada, was a great reader and began writing poetry as a child. She died in 1913 after having poetry published in periodicals in several countries and collections of her work published in book form. (Summary adapted from the "Biographical Sketch" included in the Gutenberg text.) (0 hr 37 min)


Version 01 2:50 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Version 02 2:44 Read by Betsie Bush
Version 03 2:56 Read by Chip
Version 04 3:17 Read by Eugene Pinto
Version 05 2:33 Read by Brad Bush
Version 06 2:59 Read by KYO
Version 07 2:34 Read by Marian Brown
Version 08 3:06 Read by Marlo Dianne
Version 09 2:38 Read by Patricia Oakley
Version 10 2:19 Read by Paul Jacobus
Version 11 1:54 Read by Ray Bush
Version 12 2:43 Read by SDW
Version 13 2:18 Read by Sara Schein
Version 14 3:03 Read by Vicki Barbour


a super poem! ! ! !

(4.5 stars)

glad tht there are lots of readers ... so pick your fav. :)