The Great Shadow

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(4.5 stars; 166 reviews)

Set in an English-Scottish border village during the waning days of the Napoleonic era, this adventure story introduces us to Jock Calder, whose quiet way of life is shattered when a mysterious stranger steps ashore near his home. The stranger changes forever the lives of Jock, his cousin Edie, and his best friend Jim, sending the young men into the jaws of the final battle to defeat The Great Shadow that threatens to devour the whole of Europe. Don't look for Sherlock Holmes in this well-written tale, but do expect a wonderful glimpse of life at the end of the Napoleonic era, including an exciting rendition of The Battle of Waterloo. (Introduction by Christine Dufour) (3 hr 51 min)


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(5 stars)

ACD once again uses his great imaginative descriptive powers to give the reader a very different view of the escape of Napolean from Elba and the ultimate crushing of the French army by Wellington. One studies this famous battle in many ways, but this simple narrative of a private engaging in the only battle of his career brings home to the reader the desperation of war.

(5 stars)

great story, it left me craving more. The reader was well practiced but I had a difficult time to truly become immersed in the story because of the womanly voice verses the story of a man. That cannot be helped, the vocal artist was very excellent none the same.

A compelling story

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this story immensely. The reader was at times a bit monotone for my taste, but very easy to understand. The characters were well developed and Doyle's characteristic flair for description gives the story immediacy and power. I definitely recommend this one!

(5 stars)

An excellent story! This author was an outstanding writer of historical fiction, which came as a surprise to me, since he is usually known for his Sherlock Holmes stories. This novel was captivating!

Great story twist on history

(4 stars)

Another Doyle story from the Nepoleaonic war - love story. Liked his stories of Brigadier Gerard as well if u can find them

Good story to listen to while crocheting.

(4 stars)

I was interested in the historical background and the setting. I liked the reader's clear reading. Thank you.

Well read and interesting story

(4 stars)

I have enjoyed this story in "episodes" as I drove to and from work each day. Well done 😀

Great Shadow

(5 stars)

A view of Waterloo from a common man. Great historic fiction. Well colored characters as only Doyle could paint. I loved it.