Facing the Flag

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(3.9 stars; 30 reviews)

Like The Begum's Millions, which Verne published in 1879, it has the theme of France and the entire world threatened by a super-weapon (what would now be called a weapon of mass destruction) with the threat finally overcome through the force of French patriotism. (Summary by Wikipedia) (6 hr 10 min)


01 - Healthful House 26:26 Read by John Kooz
02 - Count D'Artigas 22:23 Read by John Kooz
03 - Kidnapped 20:13 Read by John Kooz
04 - The Schooner Ebba 26:03 Read by John Kooz
05 - Where Am I? (Notes by Simon Hart, the Engineer) 26:46 Read by John Kooz
06 - On Deck 20:59 Read by John Kooz
07 - Two Days at Sea 24:13 Read by John Kooz
08 - Back Cup 23:20 Read by John Kooz
09 - Inside Back Cup 24:07 Read by John Kooz
10 - Ker Karraje 26:01 Read by John Kooz
11 - Five Weeks in Back Cup 18:34 Read by Patrick Wells
12 - Engineer Serko’s Advice 20:32 Read by Patrick Wells
13 - God Be with It 12:40 Read by Patrick Wells
14 - Battle Between the “Sword” and the Tug 21:32 Read by Patrick Wells
15 - Expectation 19:06 Read by Patrick Wells
16 - Only a few more Hours 15:40 Read by Patrick Wells
17 - One against Five 16:16 Read by Nadine Eckert-Boulet
18 - On Board the “Tonnant” 6:04 Read by Patrick Wells


(0.5 stars)

First read has good voice but is sorely lacking in reading skill and attempts to make up for that with an artificial air of superiority which become quite distracting.

well read

(5 stars)

A good story with good readers.

(3 stars)

did not like the first reader

(3 stars)

Good story but the 1st is awful. Does he have a speech impediment? Even the kid that follows him has vastly improved since I began listening to him many books ago.