The Story Girl

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(4.6 stars; 318 reviews)

The Story Girl, by Anne of Green Gables author L.M. Montgomery, tells about the summer Felix and Beverly King visit their cousins in Carlise, Canada. Along with various cousins and other soon-to-be-friends, they meet Sara Stanley, the Story Girl, a cousin who has a story for every situation. As the children pass the summer, they get into trouble, have adventures, listen to the Story Girl's enchanting tales, and then... get into a bit more trouble!
(Summary by Heather Barnett) (8 hr 31 min)


01 - The Home of Our Fathers 19:25 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
02 - A Queen of Hearts 12:55 Read by Karen Savage
03 - Legends of the Old Orchard 21:37 Read by Betsie Bush
04 - The Wedding Veil of the Proud Princess 16:52 Read by Kristin LeMoine
05 - Peter Goes to Church 19:32 Read by Kristin LeMoine
06 -The Mystery of the Golden Milestone 15:29 Read by Mary Anderson
07 - How Betty Shermon Won a Husband 18:29 Read by Mary Anderson
08 - A Tragedy of Childhood 19:29 Read by Sharmini Kumar
09 - Magic Seed 12:35 Read by Marlene DeGrood
10 - Daughter of Eve 18:16 Read by Sonserae Leese-Calver
11 - The Story Girl Does Penance 13:42 Read by Sonserae Leese-Calver
12 - The Blue Chest of Rachel Ward 10:36 Read by Mary Anderson
13 - An Old Proverb With a New Meaning 9:02 Read by Heather Barnett
14 - Forbidden Fruit 15:04 Read by Sonserae Leese-Calver
15 - A Disobedient Brother 16:08 Read by Sonserae Leese-Calver
16 - The Ghostly Bell 16:13 Read by Heather Barnett
17 - The Proof of the Pudding 8:50 Read by Mike Wilson
18 - How Kissing Was Invented 12:17 Read by Mary Anderson
19 - A Dread Prophecy 24:47 Read by Daniel Watkins
20 - The Judgment Sunday 12:28 Read by Kymm Zuckert
21 - Dreamer of Dreams 10:36 Read by Mary Anderson
22 - The Dream Books 16:48 Read by Betsie Bush
23 - Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On 18:39 Read by Betsie Bush
24 - The Bewitchment of Pat 20:11 Read by Mary Anderson
25 - A Cup of Failure 14:03 Read by Mary Anderson
26 - Peter Makes an Impression 16:40 Read by Mary Anderson
27 - The Ordeal of Bitter Apples 22:08 Read by Cagirlwithasoutherndrawl
28 - The Tale of the Rainbow Bridge 15:34 Read by Sharmini Kumar
29 - The Shadow Feared of Man 18:51 Read by Sharmini Kumar
30 - A Compound Letter 18:27 Read by Mary Anderson
31 - On the Edge of Light and Dark 10:10 Read by Mary Anderson
32 - The Opening of the Blue Chest 15:50 Read by Mary Anderson


(5 stars)

Lovely, sweet stories of summer and childhood, growing and changing viewed thru the rose-hued glasses of yesteryear.

Anne of green gables, it is not.

(5 stars)

Written by the author of Anne of Green Gables. Rich history and language, a story of children thrown together for a summer. Wonderful tales, folklore and fables woven into their days by The Story Girl. Any age should enjoy this, but 10-14 will identify with it.

beautiful and hilarious!

(4 stars)

This book had me laughing the entire time! All of the readers did a pretty good job. The story line was classic Montgomery and very funny. Perfect for listening to while coloring, sewing, or driving! Enjoy!

Wonderful Book.

(5 stars)

It was a little book but....... It was so big at the same time.

Very good!

(5 stars)

Great reading and lovely stories !

Fun Read, Great Readers

(5 stars)

Thanks to the LVs who read the these stories and helped put the Road to Avonlea series into perspective.

(3.5 stars)

sweet and typical l.m. Montgomery. most of the readers are very good, I just always wish for continuity between chapters

love it

(4 stars)

I love all of L.M. Montgomery stories and this one is no exception.