The God of All Comfort

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(4.8 stars; 68 reviews)

This book is written to Christians who profess to believe the Bible as God's revelation, but whose "lives are filled with discomfort and unrest." Smith aims to show that the Bible's claim that God is the "the God of all comfort" is not an over-advertisement or misunderstanding, but that it is possible to avail ourselves of the doubts and heavy anxieties that plague so many Christians.

By explaining God's part and man's part, Smith aims to show her readers that it is possible to overcome feelings of defeat and despair and find rest and peace in Christ. Abundant life and genuine enduring joy are available to all believers - even you. Deep and lasting peace, beyond all Earthly circumstances, is possible.

(Introduction by Rachel Craig) (8 hr 4 min)


01 - Why this book has been written 19:15 Read by Karen Fifer
02 - What is his name? 28:39 Read by Edith van der Have-Raats
03 - The God of all comfort 32:37 Read by alwpoe
04 - The Lord our Shepherd 46:46 Read by Beverly Scott
05 - He spake to them of the father 28:34 Read by Amallen
06 - Jehovah 31:02 Read by Edith van der Have-Raats
07 - 'The Lord is good' 27:38 Read by Slawek
08 - The Lord our dwelling place 26:37 Read by Stephanie Schneider
09 - Much more versus much less 30:38 Read by Michael Feldbush
10 - Self-examination 27:06 Read by debolee
11 - Things that cannot be shaken 24:49 Read by Raiña
12 - A word to the wavering ones 24:58 Read by Carol Box
13 - Discouragement 26:24 Read by Heather Hamtil
14 - The shout of faith 24:36 Read by Carol Kutcher
15 - Thanksgiving versus complaining 30:22 Read by debolee
16 - Conformed to the image of Christ 29:08 Read by Daisy
17 - God is enough 25:31 Read by Carol Box


(5 stars)

Excellent in its simplicity and truths.

(4 stars)

Wonderful! A true blessing! Much thanks! Will certainly play again! Very needed and sure to be a "comfort " to all! Can't get the ratings to work well anymore. Truly a five star!

Truly a comfort

(5 stars)

I've listened repeatedly to every chapter in this book during times of needing comfort. God has met my need each time. I have many favorite chapters but my absolute most favorite is "God is enough."

Another answer

(5 stars)

I have to relay when I'm given a book in direct answer to prayers, this is one of them...very good book.

Absolutely Brilliant

(5 stars)

The insight revealed by the author is rich and pithy. I know I shall return to The God of All Comfort.

the God of all Comfort

(5 stars)

Such a wonderful book and inspiring. Thank you to all the great readers.

(5 stars)

this is one book I will read over and over, it's very good

(5 stars)

absolutely wonderful in all aspects, my second time through