Madame Butterfly

Read by Availle

(4.8 stars; 31 reviews)

Madame Butterfly is the story of the young Japanese girl Cho-Cho San, who marries a flighty American naval officer, and is thenceforth outcast from her relatives. Anxiously she awaits the return of her beloved husband, but when he finally anchors in the harbour, Cho-Cho San does not get the happy ending she was hoping for.

This short story by John Luther Long has inspired Giacomo Puccini to write the opera of the same name. (Introduction by Availle) (1 hr 55 min)


Chapters 1 - 3 13:49 Read by Availle
Chapters 4 - 6 25:11 Read by Availle
Chapters 7 - 8 20:51 Read by Availle
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amadame Butterfly

(5 stars)

This was a wonderful story. Availle did a great job of reading it. I've been a Libravox listener for years and this is the first time I've written a review. I feel the reader deserves accolades, her inflection, pronunciation and pace kept me very engaged. I just loved her reading of this sweet, tragic story.

Brilliant reading, tragic story

(5 stars)

LibriVox reader Availle gives a beautiful, sensitive reading of this mid-19th century tale. I won't give away the story... Availle has a haunting voice and an accent I just can't place. She does a truly professional job. I had to sit in my car listening until the recording was finished. Absolutely brilliant! TheBookworm (Manchester, UK)

Lovely reading and story

(5 stars)

Availle's reading of Madame Butterfly by John Luther Long is excellent. It is a beautiful, sweet, sad story, I really felt for the main character. Her good humour and imagination really touched me. I wanted to give her a hug. If you're in the mood for something melancholy this really hits the spot.

Compelling tale

(5 stars)

A moving story and one cannot but feel for Cho Cho San at the end when the deception of her American lover is revealed. A truly superb reading by Availle.

Great book

(4.5 stars)

I liked this story and I found myself feeling really bad for Cho Cho San.

Beautiful and Tragic

(5 stars)

Expertly read, wonderful pacing and inflection as a previous reviewer has described.

A great reading of a tragic tale

(5 stars)

Beautiful, Haunting Reading

(5 stars)

Haunting story, beautifully read.