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Categories (Lat. Categoriae, Greek Κατηγορίαι Katēgoriai) is the first of Aristotle's six texts on logic which are collectively known as the Organon. In Categories Aristotle enumerates all the possible kinds of things that can be the subject or the predicate of a proposition. Aristotle places every object of human apprehension under one of ten categories (known to medieval writers as the praedicamenta). Aristotle intended them to enumerate everything that can be expressed without composition or structure, thus anything that can be either the subject or the predicate of a proposition. The ten categories, or classes, are: Substance, Quantity, Quality, Relation, Place, Time, Position, State, Action and Affection. (Wikipedia) (1 hr 44 min)


Chapters 1-7 56:28 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Chapters 8-15 47:41 Read by Geoffrey Edwards


great narrator

(5 stars)

For a free narration this is pretty awesome. obviously it's done by an amateur, it's LibriVox, but reading Aristotle is no easy task at all. I like Geoffrey Edwards because even though I find some of the drops in voice unnatural sounding, he's so perfectly consistent that it makes it much easier to listen to this than when I use my speech synthesizer, my previous method for listening to Aristotle.

(4 stars)

It is nice to listen to, but one must remember that it is an amateur volunteer doing the reading. if you are complaining about punctuation being read... he not reading punctuation, he's only reading them when Aristotle puts an emphasis on a word. if you read, or have read Aristotle, or Plato then you'll know that those words are being highlighted for a reason.


(5 stars)

People are too hard on Geoffrey Edwards. His voice is perfectly good, but then when he reads a particularly boring text, people blame him for the boringness. He does read punctuation in this one, which would make more sense if there were a preamble explaining what is the purpose of quotation marks and brackets in this edition

atrocious reading

(0.5 stars)

Why would anyone read punctuation? It's really annoying to the point where I couldn't bear to listen past 30 seconds. I don't care if it's a volunteer reading. If you do something, do it right.


(0.5 stars)

The reader says "quote, close quote, ect." He reads these punctuation every time it is written. It is annoying.

(5 stars)

Extremely grateful for having the Categories in audiobook format! Thank you!

Muppet Narrator?

(0.5 stars)

Is this a muppet character reading this?