The Innocence of Father Brown

Read by Brian Roberg

(4.5 stars; 332 reviews)

The Innocence of Father Brown (1911) is the first of five collections of mystery stories by G. K. Chesterton starring an unimposing but surprisingly capable Roman Catholic priest. Father Brown's ability to uncover the truth behind the mystery continually surpasses that of the "experts" around him, who are fooled into underestimation by the priest's unimpressive outward appearance and, often, by their own prejudices about Christianity. Combining captivating stories and insightful commentary, The Innocence of Father Brown is a delightful read. (Summary by Brian Roberg)

(10 hr 23 min)


01 - The Blue Cross 56:36 Read by Brian Roberg
02 - The Secret Garden 1:01:10 Read by Brian Roberg
03 - The Queer Feet 58:37 Read by Brian Roberg
04 - The Flying Stars 42:02 Read by Brian Roberg
05 - The Invisible Man 49:38 Read by Brian Roberg
06 - The Honour of Israel Gow 42:45 Read by Brian Roberg
07 - The Wrong Shape 54:40 Read by Brian Roberg
08 - The Sins of Prince Saradine 1:01:33 Read by Brian Roberg
09 - The Hammer of God 51:15 Read by Brian Roberg
10 - The Eye of Apollo 50:52 Read by Brian Roberg
11 - The Sign of the Broken Sword 52:13 Read by Brian Roberg
12 - The Three Tools of Death 42:03 Read by Brian Roberg


the innocence of father brown

(5 stars)

The stories were very well written, and the reader had a clear voice that was easy to understand. If you like mysteries, Father Brown is a good one to listen to!

very enjoyable

(3.5 stars)

Curious short stories, wonderfully read. an interesting take on the detective fiction genre; some of the stories are a little bizarre, but I still enjoyed the journey. I am new to Chesterton; I also have reservations on his views of non-Europeans and non-Catholics but I still enjoyed this detective's meandering observational style and Chesterton's way with words. thank you to the reader who I found narrated this well.

better than TV

(5 stars)

I first became acquainted with Father Brown through the TV series, but as usual, the book is so much better. I like the thought processes of Father Brown and the religious beliefs he shares. I'm looking forward to reading more Father Brown and more G. K. Chesterton.

enjoying the stories

(4 stars)

five stars for the Father Brown stories. the reader is a bit too slow and mispronounces the simplest English words such as "brow" and "island." He also stumbles over some of the sentences and the result is disjointed phrases that are difficult to understand.

Great introduction to Fr. Brown

(4 stars)

Clever twists and turns with the mystery not usually easily solved by the reader. I listened to it on my phone and couldn't turn it up quite as loudly as I would have wished, hence only 4 stars.


(5 stars)

Enjoyed the content and delivery. Just wanted to leave a review after seeing "nullifidian" irate below... guess he must've got into his dad's dictionary and found the same result as if he had got into the gun safe (because apparantly he's brainless).

(4 stars)

The stories have more twists and surprising ends with understandable wind up explanations than ACD. Love the definitions of Christianity in "The Blue Cross" and "The Falling Stars." And the characters are usually more realistic than some of GKC's contemporary authors.

(4 stars)

Excellent mysteries (not all of which are murders), read extremely well. With a very few exceptions they bear no relationship to the current TV series. Be prepared for some theology you may not associate with the Roman Catholic Church.