The Invisible Man

Read by Alex Foster

(4.5 stars; 757 reviews)

The Invisible Man (1897) is one of the most famous science fiction novels of all time. Written by H.G. Wells (1866-1946), it tells the story of a scientist who discovers the secret of invisibility and uses it on himself. The story begins as the Invisible Man, with a bandaged face and a heavy coat and gloves, takes a train to lodge in a country inn whilst he tries to discover the antidote and make himself visible again. The book inspired several films and is notable for its vivid descriptions of the invisible man--no mean feat, given that you can't see him! (4 hr 54 min)


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fantastic reader and story

(5 stars)

this reader is absolutely fabulous! the voicing of characters, the calm narrative, the perfectly timed fluctuations of voice to make you almost visualize a character rasing their brow. this is also a fantastic story. ushering you quickly into a room on a stormy night with a bundled man of peculiar character and then filling in later how he got there. it leaves you thinking of what you would do to catch an invisible man... or what you would do if you could be invisible.

Great Atmosphere!

(5 stars)

Wells' captures attention straight away! Writing style is very immersive. Easy to read book. Your heart pounds as the story progresses and its one of those stories where you fight to determine who's the real good/bad guy. One of my favorite books ~ and the reader for this version is Perfect.

The Invisible Man

(4 stars)

I agree wholeheartedly that this tale definitely speaks to the notion that once we are "invisible" behind a phone, a Facebook comment, a newspaper editorial, or surfing on the web we may indeed become our lesser mqire base selves. Loved the final chapter wherein the people covered him up, made him invisible again, once they saw him needy, barred, bruised and wanting. They, too, became dominated by their wild fear and lashed out in unmeasured fury. They too reacted poorly. Interesting to just talk over that final chapter in a book club. Great tale!

Didnt know what to expect

(5 stars)

Took at face value and only realized the deeper meanings once reading other's reviews of the book. Just as a story, I found it to be, fascinating and exciting. I really enjoyed the writing style. After reading reviews I think I will definitely think of the 'The Invisible Man' when encountering internet trolls. Anonymity does turn people.. Or maybe it just lets them reveal their true selves, scary thought. Great job HG Wells! And great reading!

great boook

(5 stars)

i liked it alot. the vice was very clear very engaging after every chapter there is an ad of the reader which i get. was a tad long since it happened after every single chapter over all very good!

Evil Genius?

(5 stars)

Superb reader, will definitely search for more of his narrations. At first I couldn't decide if I should feel sorry for the invisible man, but as the story developed I knew. An excellent story for young adults to discuss ego, anonymity, crime, violence, and past and present society standards.

Twisted Thinking of a Twisted Man

(5 stars)

Wonderful look at how the mind becomes twisted when we 1) distort or pervert God's creation and 2) become so focused on ourselves that we become insensitive to the need and hurt of others! The reading was excellent! I love the British accent!

Insufferable British drab

(2 stars)

Rushed, unemotional reader. It's hard to tell the difference between dialogue, narration, main character's inner thoughts, etc. All aspects have the same drab tone of voice, up until the very last line, which doesn't even feel like the end of a story.