The Oakdale Affair

Read by Ralph Snelson

(4.5 stars; 213 reviews)

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Jack London / H.H. Knibbs-inspired, selfless, poetry-spouting, hobo character, Bridge, makes another appearance in the novellete, The Oakdale Affair (original title, Bridge and the Oskalooska Kid). Joining the poetic hobo in this gothic-like tale are many other unusual elements: dark mysterious nights, a deserted haunted farmhouse, a violent thunderstorm, the Oskalooska Kid, a nameless girl, thieves and murderers, Beppo the bear, and other surprises.

The Oakdale Affair is a deep mystery and would puzzle even Sherlock Holmes. (Introduction by Ralph Snelson)

(4 hr 4 min)


01 - Section 01 16:21 Read by Ralph Snelson
02 - Section 02 16:36 Read by Ralph Snelson
03 - Section 03 17:04 Read by Ralph Snelson
04 - Section 04 19:43 Read by Ralph Snelson
05 - Section 05 16:31 Read by Ralph Snelson
06 - Section 06 10:20 Read by Ralph Snelson
07 - Section 07 14:09 Read by Ralph Snelson
08 - Section 08 14:10 Read by Ralph Snelson
09 - Section 09 14:33 Read by Ralph Snelson
10 - Section 10 14:03 Read by Ralph Snelson
11 - Section 11 15:20 Read by Ralph Snelson
12 - Section 12 17:58 Read by Ralph Snelson
13 - Section 13 18:16 Read by Ralph Snelson
14 - Section 14 15:05 Read by Ralph Snelson
15 - Section 15 24:18 Read by Ralph Snelson


(3.5 stars)

With previous reviewer, ending a bit cheesy.... But good fun. I really enjoyed it. Narrator was excellent. Story was fun, and great way to kill some time.

Better than some

(3.5 stars)

It has some well orchestrated plot elements. Very excellent narration. Ending is awful, but it doesn't detract from the rest of the story.

Another great Edgar Rice Burroughs tale!

(5 stars)

I really enjoy all of Edgar Rice Burroughs stories, even the non-Tarzan and non-Mars ones, like this one. This book takes you back to a simpler time in history. You have to keep in mind that he's writing about America in 1917, what life was like back then, less city and more farm country. This story is probably considered corny and nerdy by today's standards. So I guess I like corny and nerdy.

Sherlock Holmes wouldn't have a clue!

(5 stars)

This has to be the hardest "who dunnit" ever! Great plot, lots of characters and very well read.


(5 stars)

Entertaining story with a few twists here and there. ERB and the reader, Mr. Nelson, are always a great combination.

murder, a bear and twists

(3.5 stars)

Nicely plotted - mystery, murder, a bear and an unexpected end. Well narrated by Ralph Snelling.


(4 stars)

An enjoyable romp, somewhat different from the ERB norm. Snelson is always pleasant to hear.

(5 stars)

I enjoyed it. People complaining about the ending obviously have no romance in them