The Spirit of the Border

Read by Leonard Wilson

(4.6 stars; 248 reviews)

This is an early novel by the phenomenally successful author of frontier, western and sports stories. It deals with historical characters and incidents in the Ohio Valley in the late 18th century, especially with the foundation of Gnaddenhutten, a missionary village intended to bring Christianity to the Indians of Ohio, despite the violent opposition of both Indians and white renegades. This turbulent adventure romance features the heroics of a semi-legendary frontiersman, Lewis Wetzel, who attempts to protect the settlers from hostile Native Americans and the vicious white outlaws the Girty brothers. (Introduction by Leonard Wilson) (10 hr 7 min)


00 - Introduction 5:56 Read by Leonard Wilson
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(5 stars)

its awsome. from start to finish. its one of the first books i listened to & between z grey, max brand & frank mccourt, i have not been disappointed yet. its realistic & the reader does a wonderful job of bringing to your ear a story that was likely true for many people whos names we will never know. wetzel & j. zane are no joke bad asses & the book altogether is full of interesting characters. this, the last trail, betty zane, the lone star ranger & riders of the purple sage are the best so far. all i have read were three or four others so far but plan to read many more.

Gripping tale of the frontier

(5 stars)

This was a very engaging and exciting book. It takes a positive view of Lou Wetzel's role in the frontier - but the author is unapologetic that this is his intent. Zane Grey's writing may not be PC by today's standards, but he shows a deep knowledge of Indian culture and human nature and includes in his story a sampling of both good and bad men in cast of red and white characters. This story reflects the white thinking of the time as characters talk about the Indian savages. But in telling the tale, Grey shows respect for the culture and character of the Indians and weaves in the history of wrongs done to Indians which led to so much of the animosity between the races at the time of this setting. Leonard Wilson does an excellent job reading this solo Librivox project. Len's voice is tailor made for a tale of the frontier.


(5 stars)

A surprise for Gray fans who associate him with westerns only. It is a pity that the first book in the series is not available, although this book easily stands alone. Great reading.

Epic Saga

(4 stars)

Very well narrated. A really battle of all human emotion from start to finish. I think the sequel is the last trail. Both very well written. I'd highly recommend them if you're looking for a last wild fronteer book. Here is an incomplete and partially correct character list. Fort Jim - twin of Joe, original at fort. Joe - twin of Jim, likes Nell, preacher, adventurer. Louis Wetsyl - dleath wind, hunter, terror of Indians. Major McCulluch - (not important). Nell - pretty girl, ended up at peace village, missionary loved by George & Dave, kidnapped. Lefter - likes to drink(not important). Lorie - short, stout, dumb(not important). Jeff Len - fronteers man(not important). Kate - pretty girl, Gurtey infatuated with her, missionary, kidnapped. Mensor - Inn keeper(not important). Captain Williamson. Shaunie Tribe Silver Tip - Indian Chief, Shaunie, Gurtey's pal. Tomay Pamahala - Shaunie Indian guide. Tahay - Indian Chief, friend of missionaries, daughter married Issac. Issac Zane - Indian wife. Ma

(5 stars)

Zane Grey does it again. I've come to think of him as the Shakespeare of Western Lore. He fills his pages not only with searching plot and sub-plots but also with mind tingling and heart stirring descriptions of earth enriching flora and fauna and also with uplifting vistas of star laden night skies with soaring moon and the beautiful cycle of rising and setting sun. Love between man and God, man and woman, and man and man are presented like soulful oases along the sometimes idyllic and often wrenching journey of life.

Zane Grey's early trilogy among his best work

(5 stars)

This title is the second of Grey's excellent frontier trilogy, but stands on its own very nicely. Highly recommended!

(3.5 stars)

I prefer readers who do not act the parts. BUT I APPRECIATE ALL THE VOLUNTEERS, including the actors, who read for me. Thank you.

(5 stars)

A great story and quite unpredictable. The reader and the sound quality were excellent. I highly recommend this book.