The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (version 2)

Read by Eric Leach

(4.6 stars; 1086 reviews)

Sherlock Holmes, a fictional character of the late 19th and early 20th century created by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is a brilliant London-based "consulting detective" famous for his intellectual prowess and renowned for his enormous scope of observation, his astute logical reasoning and forensic science skills in solving difficult crimes. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of Sherlock Holmes mysteries, including The Final Problem in which Holmes confronts his arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty, originally published in 1894, which are preceded by The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and followed by The Hound of the Baskervilles. (Adapted from Wikipedia)

(7 hr 33 min)


Adventure I: Silver Blaze 50:36 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure II: The Yellow Face 37:43 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure III: The Stock-Broker's Clerk 34:10 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure IV: The "Gloria Scott" 39:59 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure V: The Musgrave Ritual 37:54 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure VI: The Reigate Puzzle 37:40 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure VII: The Crooked Man 35:24 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure VIII: The Resident Patient 38:23 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure IX: The Greek Interpreter 37:06 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure X: The Naval Treaty 1:07:38 Read by Eric Leach
Adventure XI: The Final Problem 36:47 Read by Eric Leach



(5 stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these classic mysteries, read so brilliantly by Mr. Leach. Of all the readers of Sherlock Holmes stories that I have heard, Mr. Leach is by far my favorite. he has an excellent pace, distinguishes different voices clearly, and does an overall fantastic job.

nice reading, same old sherlock tales

(4 stars)

the reader did a nice job, easy to follow and nice tone. the stories are all classic sherlock tales and satisfying. though some are dull and some are interesting. the kill off of sherlock was done fast and without much fuss or description. a bit to short and cut off for me. really seams like the writer had drawn tired of the story types and character and was just trying to cut off public plea for more tales. though we know that didnt work ;-)

(2.5 stars)

Great book, if only Ruth Golding could read it, her set of skills made the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes the best audio book I have ever heard. This man is a decent linguist, however he lacks the quality and gentleness that Ruth introduced. He sounds as if he reading with a smile on his face even when Holmes is upset and his brows are deeply grave. A valiant effort on the readers part


(5 stars)

The now familiar stories of the exploits of S H. The reading was extremely well done, but, despite what other reviewers have opined, the reading of Mark Smith (The Adventures of S H) is more enjoyable for one reason only--his voice is much more "Watson like." Both are a pleasure to hear.

Another exciting collection

(5 stars)

I started with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and listened to this next. I expected a certain level of suspense and surprise at the way Holmes finds resolution for his Adventures, and I wasn't disappointed. I'll definitely buy a hard copy when I get the chance.

Great story, good reader

(4 stars)

Very good story as always for Sherlock Holmes. The reader did a very good job as well. He was very clear and easy to listen. Wish he would have done more with different voices though. It was sometimes hard to tell who was talking in the story. Overall very good

beautifully read by Eric Leach

(5 stars)

I can only imagine the tumult and uproar raised by his devoted readers when Sir Arthur published His Last Bow. Even knowing it was not the end made my heart break to listen to the story..

a good book and a wonderful reader

(5 stars)

Sherlock Holmes has always been my favourite detective. listening to this book was a wonderful experience. The reader is great at changing intimations and accents to suit the characters of this book well.