The Mabinogion, Volume 1

Read by Martin Geeson

(3.6 stars; 24 reviews)

Sample a moment of magic realism from the Red Book of Hergest:

On one side of the river he saw a flock of white sheep, and on the other a flock of black sheep. And whenever one of the white sheep bleated, one of the black sheep would cross over, and become white; and when one of the black sheep bleated, one of the white sheep would cross over, and become black.

Before passing on to the Mabinogion proper, Lady Charlotte Guest devotes Volume I of her compilation of medieval Welsh tales to three brief romances of Arthur’s Court. The centrepiece is the story of Peredur, the Dumb Youth – known elsewhere as Perceval, Parzifal, the Holy Fool, et al.

This is the violent world of satin-clad knights and their clashing encounters, peremptory slayings of giants and cave-dwelling monsters – a world where love is as sudden and final as death. (Introduction by Martin Geeson) (4 hr 52 min)


The Lady of the Fountain 25:30 Read by Martin Geeson
Then the horn for washing was sounded... 21:20 Read by Martin Geeson
Luned set out, under the pretence... 16:25 Read by Martin Geeson
And as Owain one day sat at meat... 28:29 Read by Martin Geeson
Peredur the Son of Evrawc 20:49 Read by Martin Geeson
And Peredur rode forward 26:17 Read by Martin Geeson
And the next day Peredur rode forth... 19:49 Read by Martin Geeson
And the first night Peredur came to Caerlleon... 16:54 Read by Martin Geeson
Arthur was in Caerlleon... 19:40 Read by Martin Geeson
And the next day Peredur set forth... 13:08 Read by Martin Geeson
Arthur was at Caerlleon upon Usk... 15:42 Read by Martin Geeson
Then Peredur rode forward 19:23 Read by Martin Geeson
The Dream of Rhonabwy 15:09 Read by Martin Geeson
After this they saw a troop... 18:10 Read by Martin Geeson
And Arthur and Owain marvelled... 15:46 Read by Martin Geeson


(1 stars)

The title is really misleading. This is not the Mabinogion at all. It's the tales that a translator added. This is the preface volume before she got to the Mabinogion, and the volumes that include the Mabinogion aren't on Librivox.

Incredible reading

(5 stars)

Martin Geeson's reading is absolutely wonderful - really stunning. The stories are enchanting. As another reviewer said, they're more of a series of magical tableaux than page turners. Geeson's reading really emphasises the wonder and beauty of the tales, savouring them rather than rushing through the text. As was also mentioned by another reviewer, they'd make perfect bed time reading. Highly recommend giving them a listen, whether the stories are new to you or old, familiar friends.


(4.5 stars)

Geeson’s reading is spot on and his welsh pronunciation alone is worth a listen. This is not a page turner so much as a series of surreal tableaux from the age of chivalry. The stately pace of narration creates a mystical mood. Good for bed time with the sleep timer.

The reader has uplifted the tales with dramatised style

(5 stars)

I have long enjoyed listening to these olden Welsh folklore fairy tales read by Martin Geeson. ps : please read many other novels with dramatised style and the exotic accent of yours.


(5 stars)

Love these tales, and Martin Geeson is always perfect.


(5 stars)

gift to be able to hear

(5 stars)

Clear narration and awesome epic histories!