This World Is Taboo

Read by Mark F. Smith

(4.6 stars; 198 reviews)

Calhoun is an Interstellar Medical Serviceman, and he's needed on Dara. Trouble is: Dara is forbidden. Taboo. And breaking quarantine will make Calhoun a presumed plague-carrier and subject to being shot on sight by anyone from Weald. But hey! If he did the smart thing, we wouldn't have a story!
But why are men from Dara shooting at him?
(Summary by Mark F. Smith)

(4 hr 1 min)


Chapter 1 32:48 Read by Mark F. Smith
Chapter 2 28:34 Read by Mark F. Smith
Chapter 3 28:06 Read by Mark F. Smith
Chapter 4 30:19 Read by Mark F. Smith
Chapter 5 35:00 Read by Mark F. Smith
Chapter 6 31:56 Read by Mark F. Smith
Chapter 7 30:44 Read by Mark F. Smith
Chapter 8 23:57 Read by Mark F. Smith


Sci-fi that 'reads' still as modern lit!

(5 stars)

What a hilarious audiobook, the reader does a fantastic job! The writer does a good job of writing a science fiction novel that still works today as an amusing tale. The characters are interesting and the plot doesn't lean on drama to carry it, but fleshed out the tale well. In honesty I'd gladly read a dozen of novels of the adventures these two characters might get into!

classic Leinster, excellent reader

(4.5 stars)

A classic Leinster story, a dated type of SF that will make modern readers smile with its naiveté and take them back fondly to the times of Heinlein and Asimov. But what an excellent rendering by the reader, Mark F Smith!!

Murray and Mark. Great Combination

(4.5 stars)

I lone Murray's Medship Stories. They show human nature so well. I especially like the way he solves the problems that arise. Mark enhances the story so well. Peter T.

This World is Taboo

(5 stars)

Well read. Good plot and fun story with intriguing twists with strong character builds and dialogue. Good ending. Note this is the same story as Pariah World read elsewhere . Thanks!

brilliant story

(5 stars)

These are lovely stories, and this one is very well read. Murgatroyd the coffee fiend has to be one of the best sidekicks in science fiction.

wonderful story and narrator

(5 stars)

Excellent. one of my favorites from Leinster read by a wonderful narrator. I hope you do the rest of the med men stories!

I tried to listen

(3 stars)

3 stars for the author but once you've heard Mark Nelson narrating the Calhoun and Mergatroid story nothing else will do.

Med Service Novel

(5 stars)

Love, Love, Love this book a great Med Service novel. A great read, well listen