Representative Men

Read by skoval

(4.3 stars; 16 reviews)

A series of biographical lectures originally published in 1850. Each chapter is a philosophical treatment of the life of an intellectual. The six representatives are Plato, Swedenborg, Shakespeare, Montaigne, Napolean and Goethe. (Introduction by S. Kovalchik) (7 hr 5 min)


01: I: The Uses of Great Men 51:26 Read by skoval
02: II: Plato, Or The Philosopher 1:04:25 Read by skoval
03: II: Plato, New Readings 16:12 Read by skoval
04: III: Swedenborg, Or The Mystic 1:24:36 Read by skoval
05: IV: Montaigne, Or, The Skeptic (Part 1) 30:14 Read by skoval
06: IV: Montaigne, Or, The Skeptic (Part 2) 29:44 Read by skoval
07: V: Shakspeare, Or, The Poet 47:09 Read by skoval
08: VI: Napoleon, Or, The Man of the World 54:56 Read by skoval
09: VII: Goethe, Or, The Writer 46:29 Read by skoval


unfortunate recording

(3 stars)

The excellent reader is hampered by a faulty microphone. I find the constant crackles and pops impossible, but if you can put up with them the book and performance are rewarding.

Regarding the 4th part: Swedenborg; or, the Mystic

(1 stars)

Far more revealing about Emerson than Swedenborg. Did he ever truly read more than a handful of pages written by Swedenborg? Emerson makes a ridiculous statement about the term “grandmother” and attributes it to Swedenborg. Yet, in all of the thousands and thousands of words that Swedenborg wrote, relative to spiritual enlightenment, not once does the term “grandmother” ever appear. Not once. Far more important to invest your time into reading the actual words of Swedenborg than in listening to this utterly subjective diatribe. The excellent quality of the spoken audio is what the single star has been given for.