Three Thousand Dollars

Read by Roger Melin

(4.1 stars; 62 reviews)

This short story by Anna Katharine Green revolves around a plot to steal some goods secured safely within an impenetrable vault within the confines of Mr. Stoughton's business concern. Nobody seems to have any clue as to how the vault can be accessed, and yet access is gained once a day by person or persons unknown, by a means not known to anyone, apparently Mr. Stoughton himself included! Every clerk in the office is suspect, as the devious plot to plunder the vault's contents unfolds. (Introduction by Roger Melin)

(1 hr 28 min)


1 - Chapters 1-4 15:12 Read by Roger Melin
2 - Chapters 5-8 19:12 Read by Roger Melin
3 - Chapters 9-12 16:30 Read by Roger Melin
4 - Chapters 13-16 20:58 Read by Roger Melin
5 - Chapters 17-20 16:45 Read by Roger Melin


Excellent short story & my thanks to the reader

(5 stars)

Three Thousand Dollars

(5 stars)

Great read . Good short story (for AKG ). Good plot interesting outcome and suspenseful. Thanks!

A good short story

(5 stars)

I was pleasantly surprised by this short story, since I generally favor longer, more involved tales, but found this one indeed well developed enough to keep my attention throughout. I'm truly enjoying everything by this author I have thus far listened to. And this is also a good volunteer reader :)

short and sweet

(5 stars)

interesting, well read

Brief, but good

(4 stars)

Short story, very well read. The twist is obvious, but still well executed.

Cool story - quick read

(5 stars)

Roger Melin does his usual excellent job reading. This is a great story. Enjoy!

Short but clever

(5 stars)

A very enjoyable short mystery story and well read. Everything is not as it seems!