I Say No

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(4.4 stars; 206 reviews)

Emily Brown is an orphan girl that almost no one can help but love when they meet her. She is pursued by two worthy men: Mr. Alban Morris, the drawing master at her school; and Rev. Miles Mirabel, a clergyman. However, one of them is lying to her after she discovers that her father's death wasn't natural, as she was led to believe. (Introduction by TriciaG)

(14 hr 31 min)


01 - The Smuggled Supper 13:33 Read by Sandra G
02 - Biography in the Bedroom 16:59 Read by Sandra G
03 - The Late Mr. Brown 11:24 Read by Sandra G
04 - Miss Ladd's Drawing-Master 13:30 Read by Sandra G
05 - Discoveries in the Garden 18:53 Read by Sandra G
06 - On the Way to the Village 15:12 Read by Sandra G
07 - 'Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before' 13:09 Read by Sandra G
08 - Master and Pupil 10:24 Read by Sandra G
09 - Mrs. Rook and the Locket 19:23 Read by Sandra G
10 - Guesses at the Truth 8:23 Read by Sandra G
11 - The Drawing-Master's Confession 16:49 Read by Sandra G
12 - Mrs. Ellmother 13:35 Read by Sandra G
13 - Miss Letitia 14:26 Read by Sandra G
14 - Mrs. Mosey 14:22 Read by Sandra G
15 - Emily 11:56 Read by Sandra G
16 - Miss Jethro 12:10 Read by Sandra G
17 - Dr. Allday 8:57 Read by Sandra G
18 - Miss Ladd 12:26 Read by Sandra G
19 - Sir Jervis Redwood 3:40 Read by Sandra G
20 - The Reverend Miles Mirabel 12:35 Read by Sandra G
21 - Polly and Sally 11:53 Read by Sandra G
22 - Alban Morris 12:17 Read by Sandra G
23 - Miss Redwood 26:56 Read by Sandra G
24 - Mr. Rook 11:53 Read by Sandra G
25 - 'J.B.' 15:30 Read by Sandra G
26 - Mother Eve 19:02 Read by Sandra G
27 - Mentor and Telemachus 9:24 Read by Sandra G
28 - Francine 13:08 Read by Sandra G
29 - 'Bony' 15:04 Read by Sandra G
30 - Lady Doris 14:27 Read by Sandra G
31 - Moira 15:58 Read by Lucy Perry
32 - In the Gray Room 15:18 Read by Sandra G
33 - Recollections of St. Domingo 14:14 Read by Philippa
34 - In the Dark 15:36 Read by Sandra G
35 - The Treachery of the Pipe 14:01 Read by Sandra G
36 - Change of Air 13:48 Read by Sandra G
37 - 'The Lady Wants You, Sir.' 10:53 Read by Sandra G
38 - Dancing 17:43 Read by Sandra G
39 - Feigning 11:43 Read by Sandra G
40 - Consulting 11:03 Read by Sandra G
41 - Speechifying 14:10 Read by Sandra G
42 - Cooking 15:06 Read by Sandra G
43 - Sounding 10:19 Read by Sandra G
44 - Competing 15:41 Read by Sandra G
45 - Mischief-making 13:16 Read by Sandra G
46 - Pretending 10:31 Read by Sandra G
47 - Debating 12:42 Read by Sandra G
48 - Investigating 9:31 Read by Sandra G
49 - Emily Suffers 14:33 Read by Sandra G
50 - Miss Ladd Advises 16:49 Read by Sandra G
51 - The Doctor Sees 9:52 Read by Sandra G
52 - 'If I Could Find a Friend!' 15:49 Read by Sandra G
53 - The Friend is Found 12:27 Read by Sandra G
54 - The End of the Fainting Fit 3:46 Read by Sandra G
55 - Mirabel Sees His Way 7:30 Read by Sandra G
56 - Alban Sees His Way 12:09 Read by Sandra G
57 - Approaching the End 6:53 Read by Sandra G
58 - A Council of Two 11:28 Read by Sandra G
59 - The Accident at Belford 14:45 Read by Sandra G
60 - Outside the Room 6:34 Read by Sandra G
61 - Inside the Room 23:08 Read by Sandra G
62 - Downstairs 9:46 Read by Sandra G
63 - The Defense of Mirabel 12:51 Read by Sandra G
64 - On the Way to London 4:37 Read by Sandra G
65 - Cecilia in a New Character 3:44 Read by Sandra G
66 - Alban's Narrative 16:57 Read by Sandra G
67 - The True Consolation 14:43 Read by Sandra G


Held me until the very end!

(5 stars)

The number of chapters made me think I'd lose interest after a while, but not this one! It held my attention until the very final reveal! The mystery of Emily's Father's death is central to the plot, but the characters are so well fleshed out and lovable, hate-able, or just downright suspicious! You cannot help but get into all of the subplots going on! Further, the reader is superior to most all Librivox readers I've heard to date. Not a word mispronounced, she pronounces all of the French with a darling french accent (a sticking point with me how poorly most Librivox readers pronounce French since I used to teach it in school)! And I love how she has a voice for each character that remains consistent through the whole of the book! I hope to find more by this reader! She made the book work for me. Terrific story, even better reader that made it more like listening to a soap opera!

great readers & fascinating mystery romance

(5 stars)

this is the first book i have read/listened to by this author. a new favorite! i will be looking for more by this author. an admirable mystery with romance that men and woman can enjoy because it is not to sappy and the mystery is captivating. many plausible twists that making you wonder until nearly the end. and she ties every loose end up in a bow at the end of the book. the reader did fantastic! great energy and voicing of characters.

Long but good

(4.5 stars)

I enjoyed this book. In a few places the audio is a bit muffled (chpts. in the 30's) but stay with it as it only lasts for 2 or 3 chapters. The :reader does a great job verbally acting each character. Some other books where this has been tried can become annoying but it works well here as she is a very talented actress. The story stays interesting right up to the end.

If you like other Wilkie Collins books...

(4.5 stars)

You will enjoy this one as well. Wonderfully diverse cast of well developed characters, which the reader does an admiral job of conveying. I don't know how they do it and keep track, but it makes the listening enjoyable. Lots of twists & turns. And for me, one of the most evil characters in the form of a rich and jealous girl.

Good story

(5 stars)

Wilkie Collins is almost always an excellent read. The summary covers the plot so I won't add to it to avoid giving the story away. I really enjoyed the readers of this book because they got into the storyline and did a nice job with voice inflections and bringing the story to life. It was a most exciting tale.

Good Story- Excellent Reader

(5 stars)

Sandra G is an excellent reader- one of the best I have heard on LibriVox. Her voice for Francine perfectly captures the character. The rest of her characterizations and narration are just as good. A very good Wilkie Collins story all of the characters are fairly interesting - which isn't always the case.


(4 stars)

This book is interesting and scandalous far before it's time. I have discovered Wilkie Collins just lately. My loss. A master of crime fiction and intrigue with a healthy dose of ROMCOM. Treat yourself. The major narrator of this selection was perfect beyond words. A very well spoken young woman just like our heroine.


(4.5 stars)

Wilkie never lets the reader solve the crime, masterfullly sending us on rabbit hunts while he plans some devious ending. I only wish that he would be a bit tidier with details--how did the aunt know about Sarah Jethro's duplicity with the school? why was Sarah Jethro unworthy of Mr. Brown? Great reading!